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Kurlansky's research also shows that men from Bristol, England also probably found North American before Columbus, and again, they were seeking cod. They had been shut out of Icelandic cod purchasing by the German Hanseatic League, and so they were seeking new sources of the fish for England and Europe. There are no records of what they actually discovered, but they did find enough cod so that they did not need to renegotiate to buy cod through the Hanseatic League. The general thought is that they found an area off North America that was rich in cod. In fact, after the English colonized America, cod was one of their most profitable trade items, and the British trade sanctions which kept Americans from trading their cod with other countries was one of the things that helped ultimately lead to the Revolutionary War and American independence from Great Britain. The cod then, is an historic and important fish, as Kurlansky notes, "If ever there was a fish made to endure, it is the Atlantic cod -- the common fish. But it has among its predators man, an openmouthed species greedier than the cod" (Kurlansky 45). Man has ultimately decimated much of the cod fisheries of the world, but the significance of the fish in world history cannot be reduced. The cod helped lead explorers, merchants, and the curious to North American shores long before Columbus and his men found the West Indies.

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In conclusion, it is quite clear that the codfish indirectly led to the discovery of North America by the Vikings and by the English, and perhaps even by the Basques, years before Columbus ever set foot in the West Indies. Codfish also led to the economic success of New England, and one of the first geographical names in the country was "Cape Cod," named in the early 1600s by an Englishman. Cod were economically important to the world, and finding them was important business. Searching for more cod led to the discovery of North America, and ultimately, to a great change in world politics and Britain's influence on the world.


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