NASW Code of Ethics for Social Work Essay

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1). Because the Sanchez family struggles financially, especially with caring for members of the family with special needs, the social worker needs to inform Hector and Celia about Medicaid in accordance with Florida-specific laws. Two specific pieces of information that can be gleaned from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (2018) website include the Monthly Enrollment Report and the Medicaid Eligibility Reports. The information contained on the website corresponds with the needs of the Sanchez family, and also illustrates how the social worker can fulfill professional ethical responsibilities towards the client.

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Immigrant families in South Florida have faced uncertain times and liminal status due to ambiguous laws and fickle public policy. As Negi, Roth, Held, et al. (2018) show, municipalities that have been historically friendly to immigrants as in South Florida have also risked losing federal funds like those that pay for Medicaid and similar federal programs. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (2018) does not go into great detail about how immigration law currently affects clients like the Sanchez family. Social workers therefore need to assume professional responsibility for reading through the documentation and information presented on websites like that of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (2018), and also to remain abreast of current evidence-based practice guidelines. Research findings continually show that the overarching legislative climate does have a strong impact on “behaviors, practices, and self-image” of immigrants like the members of the Sanchez family (Menjivar & Lakhani, 2016, p. 1818). The ways members of the Sanchez family like Hector, Celia, and Emilia perceive themselves and their status in the community will have a direct impact on their decisions to seek out medical care and funding for special needs.

Essay on NASW Code of Ethics for Social Work Assignment

The information on the website is less helpful in showing the social worker how to connect the Sanchez family to mental health resources they need, including family counseling. Medicaid is a helpful intervention for physical health but less so for mental health or family functioning. Therefore, a social worker would need to use critical and creative thinking to understand best methods for helping the Sanchez family overcome the challenges it currently faces. Poverty is less of a direct issue as integration into the community, and helping individual family members find ways of investing in themselves through entrepreneurial activities or education. Instead of relying solely on social services like Medicaid, the Sanchez family can learn how to pool their own shared resources and network within Latino communities in South Florida. By doing this, the Sanchez family may achieve upward social mobility and divest themselves of the need to remain dependent on Medicaid. Given the uncertain and tenuous status of immigrants in the United States, the social worker has a direct role to play in educating and empowering the Sanchez family.

Reflection on Learning

Since writing the first paper analyzing the Sanchez family case study, I have learned that the immediate presenting problems are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social work issues. Professional roles and responsibilities require that the social worker look beyond the obvious, perceiving the broader political and social patterns that impact family and individual functioning. In the first paper, I determined that poverty and disability were some of the major concerns, but since then I have reflected on the importance of public policy and immigration law as being primary concerns. When the social worker becomes more aware of immigration law and legislation regarding access to social services, it becomes easier to determine a program of action recommended for a family as diverse and complex as in the Sanchez case.

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