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[. . .] Antidiscrimination: suppliers of materials for MWV shall not pursue discriminatory actions against their workers based on age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status or union membership; and suppliers may not discriminate against an employee because of suspected / actual pregnancy.

Fair Treatment: No harassment or threats may be launched against any workers providing supplies and materials to MWV; harassment in this instance may be defined as sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental coercion, physical coercion, verbal abuse or unreasonable restriction vis-a-vis entering or leaving facilities provided by supplier companies.

Training and Education

The MWV approach to training and education embraces the Six Sigma Green Belt / Black Belt Training. Like other corporate training modules, Six Sigma provides the employee with the training required to become competent at certain skills. Those employees that are selected as future management talent will be given the 8-day Six Sigma Green Belt / Black Belt Training. Upon completion of the Six Sigma training, a candidate for a future management position at MWV should be able to:

One: See how important it is to be able to locate potential "defects" in any process that is part of the production and manufacturing efforts by MWV; Two: see the defects in the process and recognize that the customer is not getting what is needed for that customer; Three: the methods by which quality management is achieved (in a Six Sigma workplace "Total Quality Management" is an essential process) lead to effective new tools and skills for the worker; and Four: Six Sigma provides the means to motivate each employee to work well with others, to be creative, to be productive and to utilize all the energy and skills each person has to offer.

Meanwhile without the training that people need MWV cannot operate effectively and provide the products and services that are required by the customers. Six Sigma was created by the Motorola company and has been implemented by many other corporations. The philosophy behind Six Sigma is get as close to perfection as possible, and the only way a company can approach perfection is to be able to identify flaws in the methodology or in the carrying out of duties and responsibilities.

If the Six Sigma process works for MWV, it will mean benefits that are enormously helpful; the Six Sigma process can include "…up to 50% cost reduction, cycle-time improvement, less waste of materials, a better understanding of customer requirements, increased customer satisfaction, and more reliable products and services" (


Codes that reflect ethical values are those that are presented as more than guidelines: they are requirements and MWV expects all employees to live up to the standards and rules. Customer satisfaction is a goal to pursue and flaws in the process of pursuing customer satisfaction must be identified so they can be corrected. Discrimination of any kind in the workplace is unacceptable and can be uses as cause for dismissal. Six Sigma is a system of corporate training that seeks to reduce flaws and mistakes to a bare minimum.

How will the Code of Ethics be Implemented and How will it be Enforced?

Before an employee is hired by MWV, he or she is taught the importance of adhering to the ethical values of the company. During the year, every employee at MWV is required to attend a full day of training and retraining regarding the code of ethics. Tests are given to all employees following their annual training; failing the test does not lead to dismissal but that employee must attend additional training in order to bring him or her up to speed with the company's values. Updating the code is an ongoing process and any employee can make suggestions as to new and effective ways to make the code applicable to a changing society and to a planet that is changing as well.

Mission Statement

It is the goal of Meadwestvaco Specialty Chemicals to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. In order to meet that goal MWV demands the highest possible ethical behaviors from our employees and those employees of vendors that supply us with materials. Moreover, MWV understands that the planet is heating up and hence the environment is being affected in ways that call for good stewardship. Our company has a history of abiding by all federal, state and local laws and ordinances and our employees are tested each year as to the degree to which each one has a good working knowledge of the ethics that MWV adheres to and embraces.

In conclusion, the overall goals of MWV go well beyond profitability and competent management. MWV is dedicated to making sure each employee is healthy, happy at work, and productive in every aspect of his or her position. Trust, competence, and accepting personal responsibility in the workplace are values that every good company should embrace, and MWV takes these values very seriously and instills in each worker the importance of ethical conduct.

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