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Street Justice vs. Legal Justice in the Film "Bullet Boy"

In the film "Bullet Boy" the character of Curtis accidentally shoots his friend Rio after they decide to play with the gun Curtis is hiding for a friend of his. The shooting was entirely accidental. It was not planned and it was not based on any type of animosity between the two characters. Therefore, it is not surprising that the parents did not want to get the police involved. There is enough going on their community that police have to intervene on a regular basis. An accidental shooting by a child is not a crime, even though the possession of the gun is a crime. Calling the police would have, in the parents' minds, only gotten their children in trouble so they felt better adjudicating the situation themselves.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Code of the Street Assignment

According to the Montgomery County Pennsylvania Juvenile Probation Department (2010) the adjudication hearing is a "fact-finding process wherein the juvenile court determines whether or not there is sufficient evidence to sustain the allegations in a petition." The families of these children in the movie where able to decipher the facts on their own without the need for legal intervention, which could in some ways, be considered an attempt to undermine the criminal justice system. However, I do not think the actions of the family were part of a "no snitching" code of honor based on a mistrust of the police. I believe that they were extremely wary of the fairness of the criminal justice system, however it seems to me that they were mainly just trying to keep their children safe and did not want to put them through all of the drama that would accompany calling the police. Rio's family had less to lose than Curtis' family because the gun belonged to Curtis' brother Ricky, who was recently released from behind bars. If the facts came out about whose gun it was that was involved in the incident, Ricky would have gone back to jail and ruined his chances for the better future that he was trying to create for himself. This would be a shame Ricky had learned his lesson and is now clearly aware that the gang lifestyle is not something he wants to be a part of, or his… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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