Coffee Shop in Luton, UK Situation 6a Essay

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Coffee shop in Luton, UK


6A practical and reflective approach

Team formation

Forecast outcomes

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The following is a briefing paper concerning a group business that deals with coffee making and trading. The name of the business is a Coffee Shop in Luton, UK. The coffee business will be located in Luton, the United Kingdom. The strategic options that have been put in place are considered as part of the measure of production within the business. In order to foster equitable management of the available avenue production, it has become important to make sure that all the values of production have been considered within the business. The report exemplifies the basic and future activities that are taking place within the group business. The emergence of the business is based on a number of measures that are related to the general avenues of production. The societal practices and avenues of production within the group business are central to production and trading of coffee. The report has exemplified a number of measures that are within the production guidelines in place. Moreover, the avenues of production are linked to the general measures of ensuring growth and development in the market. The strategic options that have been taken by the report include the analysis of the business, the exploration of the business, together with exemplification of the basic mechanisms of production within the business. The immediate features of production within the report include SWOT analysis together with exploration of the possible measures of improvement within the business (Eigenhuis & Dijk 2007, p. 65).

Terms of Reference

Who am I?

Essay on Coffee Shop in Luton, UK Situation 6a Assignment

Within the group business, I am the coordinating manager. The coffee shop has a diverse environment of production that suits many avenues of production in place. In order to ensure equitable growth and development, I work in connection with different other sections of production for the aspect of future performance. My entire roles are within the paradigms of production and maintenance of the approaches of production in the market. There are basic avenues of production that cannot work well without the intervention of the docket in which I work. Therefore, I work in accordance to the basic avenues of production in the market. My clients are the Indian people, most notably the Indian women and many other people who make use of the coffee products in the market (Merchant 2010, p. 25).

My clients

My clients are all the people who make use of coffee as part of their daily drink. I desire to have a lucrative field of production in the market with the involvement of several features of production. In order to ensure satisfactory management, I work according to the specifications that have been strategized to meet the desired needs and tastes of clients in the market. The clients need high quality products that are timely, produced within the qualified avenues of production, and together with massive influence in the market. The essential ideas that drive the market is the capability to make products that are timely to the needs and specifications of the people in the market (Ross et al., 2008, p. 39).

My preparation of the briefing paper is based on the idea of trying to create an avenue of marketing within the business. The coffee business is a new endeavor that is yet to get to its high levels of production in the market. The different measures of production explored in the market must be aligned with the ideas and principles dictating the nature of the business. The briefing paper acts like a marketing technique that works in order to capture the interests of the people in the market. Everything is about creating an impression that will go with contemporary production within the business. Furthermore, the briefing paper is a solid foundation for the business. This means that the business has worked within the conception stage and has hence managed to live within the principles of marketing in the United Kingdom. The group has sought to create a briefing paper that will demonstrate the intention of starting a coffee shop in Lutan, UK.

Overview of the situation

There is a great potential in Luton. The marketing criteria that have been used by the business have sought to explore on the possibility of having a fairground in the measurement description of the marketing techniques in the market. The briefing paper has sought to describe on the different challenges that are being experienced in the market prior the establishment of the coffee shop in Luton. There is a competitive market within Luton. Many people appear to make use of coffee most of the time. The weather conditions and the lifestyle of the people demonstrate the aspect of an opportunity in the area. Nonetheless, a stiff competition will have to be overcome by the business. For instance, many people like taking coffee as one of drinks in their lives. Nonetheless, a stiff competition from the present manufactures dealing with production and trading of this product exists. There are many restaurants and coffee houses in Luton. Nonetheless, the specified avenues of production and management that have been explored by the business will seek ways and means of exploring more avenues of production and hence overcome the entire problem of competition (Ross et al., 2008, p. 47).

There are many people in Luton. The presence of many people has brought out the concept that it has become easy for people to interact. Many cultures and cultural attenuation exist within the region. The coffee shop might face challenges like this. The clients come from different cultural backgrounds. The beliefs and other facets of human dominance in the region have shown that it has become hard for many coffee shops to survive the aspect of diverse cultural attenuation in many countries (Eigenhuis & Dijk 2007, p. 27). Nonetheless, the presence and absence of many other sectors of production show how the cultural briefings can be a problem for a business. Moreover, the population in Luton is diverse in nature. This calls for diversity of the business. Many changes and alternations will have to be focused by the business. Nonetheless, the absence of growth and development shows a difficulty in the general process of sustainability in the market. In order to be a force in the market, the small business will have to work within the many changes that will come its way (Shuen 2008, p. 39).

Analysis of the situation


UK's Best Value Inn is the "fastest-growing hotel chain in the country, increasing from two properties in 1000 locations throughout Luton for 12 years." Our local business will offer the best deal in town of quality and service at an affordable rate. The business will offer many discounts such as AAA, AARP, senior, and coffee specifications. We are also flexible when guests are low on cash by reducing the price for a room to their advantage, as long as it is reasonable. Below is a list of strengths my company acquires:

• Location- near several restaurants within walking distance

• Truck parking- plenty of room to fit a large amount of semi's, along with a special discount just for CDL drivers

• Newly remodeled rooms

• Free continental breakfast- choice of bagels, waffles, fruit, etc.

• Free WIFI and in-room coffee makers

• Value club card rewards- stay a certain amount of nights get one free

These are just a few strengths, but there are many more! We value our customers and always want them to come back and stay with us.


All companies have their weaknesses, and we are not an exception. There are many things we could improve to help incline business. One of the main things we do not offer is a guest transport facility and other external facilities. Clients can use these facilities conveniently after accessing the coffee house. There is also a lack of handicap accessible rooms, conference room, and toiletries. The outside lighting is poor, and people can barely see our sign even though the hotel is right next to the highway. We should avoid selling rooms to unlawful people such as partiers, young people, and guests with bad history (Shuen 2008, p. 39). The interior of our lobby needs to be repainted and decorated to eradicate the chipped paint and dull walls.


The remodeling of our coffee rooms gives the local business a chance to grow. We need to expand on how many rooms there are, the more the better. People are expecting their stay to feel like home, so we as a staff should provide extra toiletries in case the customers forgot theirs. During the summer many guests bring their kids to hotels for them to relax and have a fun day of taking coffee, we need to work on a plan on how a swimming pool can possibly fit into our budget. A guest transport facility would be very useful for long-term guests who are staying weeks or months. Customers have encouraged us to develop… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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