Term Paper: Cold War Prior to World

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[. . .] He believed that in any nuclear exchange, as many as 300 million people might die in the U.S.S.R., the United States, and Europe (Nash, 1994). To counter nuclear dependence, he developed the idea of "Flexible Response," which looked at a variety of non-nuclear solutions for any military conflict. His determination to do this was tested severely during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when the U.S.S.R. attempted to install nuclear warheads in Cuba (Nash, 1994).

Meanwhile, the United States entered into another treaty in hopes of stopping the spread of communism: the South East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO). This is the treaty that led the U.S. first into the Laotian conflict, and eventually, into the Viet Nam War (Nash, 1994).

The effects of the Cold War, especially in its earlier phases, thus had a profound effect on American culture. It brought us McCarthy witch hunts for Communism, pervading worry about a nuclear holocaust, and led to our devastating involvement in the Viet Nam war. It cast suspicion on people legitimately fighting for their rights as citizens, and cast suspicion on almost anyone who worked to make what they saw as improvements in American society. Ironically, the backlash to the heightened militarism and eventual opposition to the Viet Nam war brought scorn toward military personnel, the very people who had been universally praised one generation ago after helping to liberate Europe from Nazism. Eventually, excesses by not only McCarthy but others trying to silence dissenters of all kinds resulted in court rulings that made people's Constitutional rights more clear, but it would be many years until the Cold War was recognized as over.


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