Cold War Truman 1945-1953 Essay

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It also supported the "quarantine the aggressor" policy Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted to inflict to hold German and Japanese growth in 1937. This policy (quarantine) recommended the responsibility of public health officials managing a communicable disease. The medical figure of speech widened further than the instantaneous purposes of the Truman Doctrine in the sense that the metaphors put together with fire as well as flood descriptions evocative of disaster presented the United States with an unproblematic changeover to express military confrontation in coming years with communist forces in Korea and Vietnam. By availing ideological disparities in life or death conditions, Truman was in a position to drum up support for this communism controlling policy (Denise M. Bostdorff, 2008)

Among the downfalls of Truman lies the economical struggle that was experienced by a number of European nations which in a way could have exposed them to communists' threats. This paved way for the anticipated Marshall plan which was meant to rescue the nations from these tough economical times by so offering aid to all nations. Marshall Plan easily elevated United States to a proper internationalist nation just in months. (George McGhee, 1990)

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For the first time money could be felt in other nations with the main purpose of assisting United States achieve its objective. United States undertook unconstitutional mandate for the purpose of stopping communism to an end and with this United States enemies increased. For instance the period when North Koreans made attempts to capture South Korea and United States intervened by so sending troops over to South Korea purposely to stop communism. These placed the United States in a very tricky position, bringing them up against much more they could take care of. A good number of their troops were swept and the authority was blinded with their objective. Finally, they succeeded in gaining control but at the expense of their own 60,000 men.

TOPIC: Essay on Cold War Truman 1945-1953 and Assignment

A further key downfall of the Truman Doctrine came by as the result of the participation United States had in the Vietnam War. By the time United States was coming to terms with the fact that they were achieving nothing due to relentlessness of North Vietnamese, they had lost a big number of troops amounting to 65,000 and were still not in a position to contain communists The most horrible piece was that the United States society's interest in the war diminished for the reasons that the war was far away


As it is, everything has its good and bad sides, the same way Truman Doctrine its good as well as bad sides. Its main purpose was to bring communism to its total end and if you take a proper glance Soviet Union is no more and for this thumbs up for Truman Doctrine. It is clear that through Truman Doctrine United States somehow played a major role in setting the pace to the rest of the world. Some may term this not right, but somehow someone or some nation had to undertake it if not, small nation would have been taken advantage of.


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