Cold War There Are Two Things Term Paper

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¶ … Cold War

There are two things that we need to refer in this explanation. First of all, we need to determine whether the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union was a war and, if so, what kind of war was it, on what plans was it being fought and how it transformed itself into a "cold war," as it is nowadays currently referred to.

In my opinion, the Cold War was a war in the theoretical sense of the term. Indeed, it was first of all a confrontation. If we look at the two societies, the two economic systems that had been developed in each country, the political systems and the society in itself, with its rules and the way it had evolved - these were all completely different.

The U.S. had practiced for two hundred years a democratic system, with a market economy and a freedom that became universally known. In the Soviet Union, the Communist Party was in power and regulated every significant aspect of life and society. There was no freedom, society was ruled with an iron fist under the dictatorship "of the people." In fact, the Communist Party also dictated in the economy, regulating the production flows and deciding where to send the products and services, in the Soviet Union and the satellite countries of Eastern Europe.

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The fact that two systems are completely different does not necessarily lead to war, as in confrontation. However, this was not the case here. After being allied during the Second World War and fighting together against the Germans, the Russians and the Americans, as soon as the peace treaties were signed, the Cold War practically started. It was difficult not to, otherwise.

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