Coldest War: A Memoir Book Review

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The Chosin campaign was seen through the eyes of Capt. Tom Verity, a reservist widower who was a Chinese scholar teaching at Georgetown University. He was called up and sent to the Chosin Reservoir on an intelligence mission, but ended up fighting for his life with the rest of the trapped Marines. The novel is a saga of how each man went to war alone and fostered his personal fear. Verity's is that he will be killed, leaving his three-year-old daughter an orphan. His radioman, the phlegmatic Gunnery Sgt. Tate, having spent four World War II years in a Japanese prison camp, fears the possibility of Chinese captivity more than death (Smith Hempstone, Tales Making Courage, Hardships In Korean War).

In the novel, the author tells his audience about the various events that took place in the war. Brady had arrived in Korea when the war was just four months old. Their General named Douglas McArthur was promising his battalion that they would surely be home by Christmas. General McArthur quickly faded away when he was called back to America for insubordination. His battalion however, stayed behind to fight and suffer the tortures of the snow and cold their frozen bodies stacked up head to foot and foot to head alongside narrow roads where U.S. trucks took live soldiers back to the battlegrounds (James Brady, The Coldest War: A Memoir Of Korea).

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In another event the author tells his audience about the time when the Chinese soldiers had to fight the war wearing their tennis shoes. Their feet froze, and in the account, they made the sound of marbles being rolled along a frozen tundra (James Brady, The Coldest War: A Memoir Of Korea).

TOPIC: Book Review on Coldest War: A Memoir of Assignment

The author writes, "The cold was an impartial enemy to both the Americans and their foes. Skin pulled away from frozen guns, mortar tubes shrank and many of the shells fired failed to explode. Nighttime temperatures fell to 24 degrees below zero" (James Brady, The Coldest War: A Memoir Of Korea). The author recalls all these events from the challenging situations that he faced while serving the United States Corps in Korea.

As a reader I found the book incredibly delightful and caused me to actually judge the terror that our soldiers go through during the times of war. The intensity used in the words by the author takes one in that era and causes him/her to feel the events personally.

As the novel is based on the memory accounts of the author as a young lieutenant, the novel is primarily narrative. Through the novel, the author has no doubt, voiced his notions about the war and is making people remember of the forgotten Korean War. The events and the scenarios, which the author draws before his audience, are rather painful in intensity.

James Brady is not at all biased in the novel. He is very much objective and presents the case well. What he felt about the War was not just limited to the American soldiers but included the Korean soldiers as well. The novel is a memoir of Brady's experience in Korea and is based entirely upon his experiences. All the events are clearly represented and a reader can easily relate to these events. The Index of the book is well written and clearly outlines the major headings of the events in the book. The main theme of the book focused primarily on the hardships endured by soldiers during the war and the author did a really good job in informing his readers about the forgotten war, which took place five decades ago.

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James B. The Coldest War: A Memoir of Korea.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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