Collaboration Assessment of Writeboard Nature of Collaborative Research Paper

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Assessment of Writeboard

Nature of Collaborative Project

The Writeboard has now been integrated into the 37 Signals Basecamp text docs application, which provides a greater depth and breadth of collaboration tools than had been the case when the application was stand-alone. The nature of the collaborative project was the writing of a term paper on the United States Postal Service that included an analysis of their competitive position. This included an extensive level of collaboration and communication in creating the document outline, writing, editing and finalizing it with exhibits.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Collaboration Assessment of Writeboard Nature of Collaborative Assignment

Whiteboard is extremely intuitive to use and was effective in managing several iterations of the report authored. The speed of the interface and revisions however is a challenge, yet that could have been an issue with the Internet connection. The Discussions section at the bottom of the working area of the document is similar to Facebook or LinkedIn in terms of how it catalogs conversations. This conversation trail makes it easy to track the reasons why a given section of the document was changed. There is also a history listing of each edit, which makes reconstructing conversations easily accomplished over time. What makes this collaboration platform unique however is the fluid nature of edits and communication. The ability to both comment on the document while speaking on the telephone or texting each other is exceptionally easy to use as well. One of the drawbacks however is the ability to go back to previous editions, including the ability to keep multiple iterations active at the same time. Microsoft Word can do this, and that makes document comparison and analysis easily accomplished. The lack of advanced editing tools is also a constraint on Writeboard. The use of the application however is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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