Collaboration on Social Media Term Paper

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Collaboration on Social Media

EBay is a social network founded in 1955. It is an online marketing place connecting individual buyers and sellers, small businesses and big businesses. Anybody interested in eBay should be careful of fraud. Before creating an eBay account, I did not ignore the possibility of meeting a fraudster. However, eBay offers security for sincere online marketers. One of the ways is offering free insurance for transactions over 200$. This means that security remains a challenge on online collaboration with either business or other services.

Creating an eBay account takes at most five minutes. The registration process is easy to interpret and answer appropriately. Customizing the registration page attracts new people, for example, join eBay, and be paid. EBay accommodates every person according to ones business preference (Morten, 2009). I have been trying to participate in an auction, so I showed interested in the auction. It has a platform connecting sellers and buyers. Various listings are available for people to connect in business.

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I saw a product that had several bids varying in price, and I needed the product, so I bid with a figure slightly higher. To my surprise, the owner replied almost immediately with a positive comment on my ID. This encouraged me a lot. Business people are converting online into an immediate business center. We talked about the product online, but we agreed to talk live, so we purchased live tickets for the same. Live talking is an online service offered by eBay in a bid to improve their services. This service is the most recent one.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Collaboration on Social Media Assignment

After agreement with the seller, I deposited money amounting to 40$ through PayPal. This online service allows buyers and sellers on eBay to pay for items. This service does not reveal account or debit card information. We agreed that the product, a book, would be shipped from USA to UK within two weeks. After the specified time, I went to check whether the shipment was in, to my surprise, there was no delivery. I later tried to reach the seller, which I was successful. The seller advised me to wait for another two weeks, which I did; eventually I went to check and received a box addressed to me. The box was empty. I got so furious this time but reaching the seller was not successful this time. After some time, I found out that the seller blocked me from viewing their profile.

Collaboration is rather a tricky part of success. Many companies and people collaborate without analyzing it well. Collaboration should prioritize results for it to achieve spectacular synergies. People seeking collaboration should avoid traps and settle for disciplined collaboration. Collaborating social media and social network is a good idea, but before collaborating, one should analyze the outcomes and proceed only if outcomes are worth the risk. Most likely, we may meet fraudsters online where several rules should apply. I have a recommendation. EBay should verify whether some of the online businesses on the site are legitimate, and the product should arrive before paying for it (Morten, 2009).

This was a stern experience for me. Collaboration of social media is not for the best in my opinion. The ease at which people can organize groups using online tools is rendering the formal managed organizations. Clay (2008) describes this group as informal, and they pose a threat to business because of member's freedom to experiment displaying a wide range of innovation. Online is a meeting place for people with similar thoughts these people meet online because it is the ideal place (Clay, 2008). All this online collaboration is doing things that formally managed organizations could not do. The informal online groups can make services and products without incurring much of their resources. If I went to a physical shop and purchased the book, I was sure to get it immediately, this informal shops and markets are rendering physical markets useless.

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