Collective Bargaining the Labor Laws Case Study

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Based upon this passage, RAs are employees and entitled to some form of protection against potential abuses through their ability to organize. Therefore, the state is taking the basic definition of private sector employees and they are expanding it to the public domain. This is a liberal interpretation of these guidelines by classifying RAs as workers (versus students).


The reason why the LRC decided that RAs and CDAs are employees; is because of the work that is performed. This requires everyone doing more physical and mental activities for the university. While at the same time, they are receiving very little compensation for what they are asked to do. This is showing how the school is hiding behind the ambiguity of the NLRA to claim that these groups are falling somewhere between: independent contractors and supervisors. The biggest differences are with the administration maintaining how they are students and not entitled to these protections.

At the same time, the school is asking more of these individuals and they have begun imposing strict guidelines on RAs and CDAs. This is creating an atmosphere where potential abuses could occur. To address any challenges, the current procedures are not dealing with any kind of issues. This is creating even more confusion. To deal with these problems, the LRC decided that RAs and CDAs should be entitled to collective bargaining rights.

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I agree with this decision. This is because colleges and universities are making millions of dollars in revenues every year. At the same time, they are asking more from the students in the form of higher fees and through cutting different programs. The recent actions directed at the RAs and CDAs, are an attempt by the administration to enhance their bottom line results (at the expense of these groups). The decision prevents the university from engaging in illegal activities by making the workplace more open to everyone through collective bargaining. This will force university officials to understand, listen, respond and accept the contributions of these groups.


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