Porter's Five Forces: College of Central Florida Capstone Project

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The school needs to make these traits a more sustainable aspect of the college identity. "‘Sustainable’ means over the longer term - not just today. ‘First to market’, for example, is not sustainable. It may buy you a few months, but if you show traction, competitors with deep pockets will catch up and bypass you quickly, jeopardizing all your investments” (Zwilling, 2010). In the case of CF, in ten years, their technology is going to seem outdated if it’s not updated regularly. This is an expensive commitment to make, but its one which will serve the college well over time, it being a place that is synonymous with “cutting-edge technology.” The school already has a number of accolades which add to its unique selling points. Perhaps its most unique selling point, is that it really does offer a great deal of academic excellence.

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The level of academic excellence provided is comparable to that of a private university. “CF was ranked among the top 150 colleges in the nation for quality in 2011, 2013 and 2017 in by the Aspen Institute College Excellence program. Rankings are based on how much students learn, how many complete their programs on time, and their success in the job market upon graduation” (cf.edu). This demonstrates that CF already has the strong foundation in place to attempt to heighten its academic credibility. The accolades that it has already achieved are indeed rare for a public college. As part of its strategy to gain a greater competitive advantage, the college needs to exploit its current strengths even more.

Capstone Project on Porter's Five Forces: College of Central Florida Assignment

In order to stay competitive, the school needs to continually be aware of the problem that it is solving: the school is solving the problem of how to provide a world-class education at an affordable price. This means CF needs to be more aggressive in how it cultivate the liberal arts departments of the college. Otherwise, the public college is going to be viewed as little more than a glorified trade school. By cultivating a strong liberal arts department that attracts world class faculty members who have won awards and who have published in some of the most preeminent academic journals around, the school will be able to reach a level of competition where other rivals in its class won’t be able to adequately compete.

Furthermore, this is a sustainable plan: attracting the best and brightest professors will help the college develop a reputation of excellence. This reputation will begin to mesh with its brand identity. This is something that can last indefinitely. The school needs to aggressively market the fact that these elite faculty members, and this superior learning experience (combined with lowered tuition) is translating to increased job opportunities for students. Hence, an equal amount of development needs to be put into the school’s job placement program. The school needs to be able to declare that they offer students an unparalleled academic experience and development for their education that causes employers to place their graduates in high demand. More importantly, they need to be able to provide the data to back it up. This is because an “‘advantage’ needs to be measurable and significant” (Zwilling, 2010). Providing prospective students with hard data is precisely what it going to attract more qualified applicants. It’s important to remember that the more competitive CF is, and the stronger its reputation and branding is, the better the class of students it will attract. This is exactly what needs to happen: a better class of students will apply themselves more, achieve more, get more illustrious jobs and bring more glory to the college. This will help to create a sustainable cycle of excellence. CF just needs to be more aggressive in rebranding and developing the liberal arts departments and the job placement program.


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