College Education Benefits Law Enforcement Officers Essay

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¶ … College Education Benefits Law Enforcement Officers

Because law enforcement can sometimes be a very physical profession and law enforcement officers often have to use their strength to pursue and subdue suspects, some people dismiss those in law enforcement as brute strength without any intellectual prowess. However, that image ignores the realities of modern law enforcement. Modern law enforcement officers actually have to navigate a complicated legal arena. Multiple times a day, a law enforcement officer may be called upon to make a difficult ethical, moral, or legal decisions but in split-second scenarios. Having a strong educational background, particularly one in which the officer has been challenged to think about the potential issues that a police officer might face in the field, provides an officer with a foundational knowledge base, making answering those questions easier.

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There are three main decision points for police officers in the course of a normal day. These decision points include: arrests, searches, and the use of force. Educating law enforcement officers about the legal, moral, and ethical implications at each of these decision points should enable officers to make better decisions. There are clear legal guidelines about the appropriateness of arrests, including whether probable cause exists for a rest, the guidelines for obtaining a warrant, and how to effectuate both warrantless arrests and arrests pursuant to warrants. Likewise, there are clear legal guidelines regarding searches, both pursuant to a warrant and warrantless searches. In arrests and searches, police officer may have some time to think through important decisions. However, when a police officer is called upon to decide whether or not to use force against a subject, education can be a critical component. The less educated a police officer, the more likely the police officer is to use force against a suspect.

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Personally, I believe that an enhanced education will help me be a better law enforcement officer from my very first day on the job. At this point in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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