Why College Education Is Important to Me Assessment

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¶ … College Education is Important to Me

There is no doubt that a college or university education is extremely valuable to an individual who is striving to improve life for his family and for his career. Statistics and data put together by the U.S. Census Bureau and numerous independent organizations have verified the value of a college degree for many years. A college degree is also vitally important in situations like mine, because after seventeen years serving as a law enforcement officer, I have made a major career change. I did not need the college diploma to be hired in the new job I am in, but in order to be promoted, which I fully intend to work towards, I do need the College Education.

For the betterment of my family's future and for my own future, I am proceeding towards that goal. I have known and understood the importance of a college education for my whole adult life, but due to my employment situation, the energy and time required to achieve a college education did not mesh with my immediate realities -- until this moment in my life. This essay fully explains my motivations and dreams now that I have entered the second career phase of my life. I am motivated to take a new approach to my life, a less stressful approach now that I am out of police work, but a challenging approach nonetheless.

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My goals and dreams -- with reference to a college degree -- are driven by more than my own personal career objectives. I am the proud father of three children, and one of them will be graduating from high school this coming spring. Certainly I want to set a positive example for all three, and especially for the upcoming graduate. It is easy for a father that did not complete college to tell his child -- "Don't do what I did and settle for a high school diploma" -- but it packs a lot more punch when that father actually enrolls in college courses with the firm goal of completing the degree. Which is what I intend to do.

TOPIC: Assessment on Why College Education Is Important to Me Assignment

The College Board organization has published a well-researched document called "Education Pays 2004 -- Trends in Higher Education Series" by Sandy Baum and Kathleen Payea. In the 56-page research document there are the many predictable recommendations for getting a college education. But beyond the obvious advantages of a college education,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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