College Prepares for a Career in Criminal Term Paper

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¶ … College Prepares for a Career in Criminal Justice

Today, majority occupations require an educated college individual who can not only write well but also speak, resolve problems, knowledgeable and quick in learning new information and work as a team with others. Thus, Criminal Justice graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields, while future in this career of individuals is associated more with personal interest, work values, and transferable skills than any particular academic major.

Thus, having experience in the field of criminal justice is very essential in preparing students for life after college. These experiences are mostly in the form of part-time jobs, volunteer positions, or internships (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences). This help students to improve and attain detailed and particular information and skills that help them both in solidifying their career as well as improve their chances of employment in the field of Criminal Justice.

Furthermore, criminal justice programs at college prepare students to handle agencies like a police or sheriff's department and learn about the theories of crime, public policy, and legal system along with management of budget and staff (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences).


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The criminal justice system in America is based on the concept that wrongful imprisonment is worse than allowing a guilty person go liberated. Although, this does not mean that the criminal justice system does not want to end and punish crime (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences). The elements of the justice system, which are- courts, prisons, crime scene investigators, police and psychologists all work together in order to ensure that crime is punished and citizens are safe and protected. Criminal justice programs at the college prepare and train students to work in the justice system just to do that.

Term Paper on College Prepares for a Career in Criminal Assignment

The college mostly offers courses for criminal justice, including business, sociology, psychology and statistics. The students get to learn theories about why crimes take place and why people commit them (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences). The program also includes study in project management and labor relations along with different elements of the criminal justice system.

In addition, the students learn the working and management of courts and prisons. Not only this, police system as well as the parole and probation systems is also being taught by the colleges. Moreover, the college trains and teaches about various ways to deal with criminals besides imprisonment, which includes rehabilitation and education.

How College Prepare for a Career in Criminal Justice

Every year thousands of new professionals are required in the field of court services, law enforcement, and corrections. Thus, graduates in criminal justice find employment prospects in a wide range of agencies, national levels of government and at local, state.

In this career, one of the fastest growing areas is industrial security and loss prevention for business. However, the major areas may lead to careers like policeman or policewoman, deputy sheriff, industrial security specialist, or loss prevention specialist, probation officer, law enforcement officer, criminal attorney, parole agent, correctional officer or counselor (Hobsons College View).

The Criminal Justice program contributes and dedicate in providing the theoretical, practical, and professional knowledge needed by the students in today's surroundings and settings to be successful in the areas of corrections, parole, probation, law enforcement, courts, private security, and other related service careers. However, importance is given upon preparing and training students to enter the professional field, grow in their present position, or continue studies (Hobsons College View).

The curriculum prepared by the colleges is designed in order to provide its students with expert training and lesson on the most up-to-date trends, policies, and practices in criminal justice field (Hobsons College View). The main objective is to prepare students to become scholarly practitioners in this profession.

Furthermore, the students have many opportunities through membership in the Criminal Justice Association in order to experience site visits to a variety of criminal justice agencies as well as meet with practitioners of this growing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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