Colonial America the Experiences in Early Essay

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Colonial America

TOPIC: Essay on Colonial America the Experiences in Early Colonial Assignment

The experiences in early Colonial America are best described as violent, contentious, and socially fragmented. However, this is not a mutually exclusive point-of-view. While we can surely believe that not every day was bad and every experience negative, we can understand that relations with the colonists and the Native Americans was tense at best. Certainly, ideas were exchanged and each group of people contributed to the other in areas of education and survival but overall, the experience was more dreadful than anything else. As expansion took place, the Native Americans grew increasingly territorial and resorted to whatever means they felt justified to maintain control of their communities, even if that meant murder. As stated in the article about the Chesapeake colonies, we know that Native Americans "murdered serverall of our bretheren and put them to the most cruell torture" (Rushforth 101). Colonists were rightly concerned for the lives as tension between the two groups grew. Even in Bacon's Rebellion, the Natives were treated as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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