Colonial Settlement the Lasting Impact Term Paper

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It was considered to have broken out in an empire that had comparatively granted the colonies larger measures and amounts of political, religious and economic freedom. The inclination towards revolt measures arose out of the desire to have even more freedom and liberty than they already had. The American Revolution was considered as a unique one. USA is considered to be one among the few states in the world that has seen only one revolution. Contrary to many great revolutions the American War of Independence is seen to have succeeded in achieving its goal of fostering men with more liberty than they had previously possessed. Some scholars however, do not regard the American Revolution as a revolution since it does not accommodate their narrow model. However, some regard it a revolutionary one taking into consideration the ideas, values and the beliefs that occurred during the post Revolution periods. (Was the American Revolution a Revolution

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One of the significant dimensions of a revolution is violence. Taking this fact into consideration American Revolution truly appropriates its description of a real Revolution. The most severe impact on the colonies was the number and the force of the effects that were persuading the large masses to violence, acquainting them to an irresistible exercise of power and breaking down among them the salutary regard for authority. While some analysts, particularly the English historians visualize this as an evil outcome of the Revolution, the violence and its results were as significant constituent of the Revolutionary experience that gave rise to the birth of United States of America. (Was the American Revolution a Revolution


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