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When the European nations decimated the native populations in the Caribbean, North, and South America, a massive labor force was required. This labor force was garnered from Africa. African chiefs and kings bowed to pressure or bribes by European slave traders and handed over throngs of men, women, and children.

Religious conversion was often cited as an excuse to enslave the Africans. In fact, the Catholic Church fully supported the system of slavery in order to attract more subjects ("African Slave System"). Later, slavery was further justified by its necessity in exploiting the natural resources of the New World. The economy of the Americas, especially the United States, would never have burgeoned were it not for slave labor. Eventually, slavery became entrenched in North America as an integral part of life.

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Slavery also sparked the beginning of a capitalist, market-based economy. As the landowners prospered from the blood of African slaves, new business interests sprouted in the New World. In spite of these changes in lifestyle, the abolitionist movement eventually took hold in the United States. In large part based on Christian moral values, the abolitionist movement began with such groups as the Society of Friends (Quakers). Gradually, a rift between Northern and Southern states grew wider as the plantation and slave-dependent South refused to bow to the pressures of abolitionists. Although anti-slavery sentiment began in the eighteenth century, around the time of the War of Independence, the movement did not reach its peak until the mid nineteenth-century, immediately prior to the Civil War (Bancroft).

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Term Paper on Colonization, Much of the African Assignment

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