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S. The initial desire to colonize the Philippines was described as a means to thwart oppressive Spanish rule, but the U.S. profited by joining with the Philippines in free trade, enjoying military advantages of installation procurement in an Asian country, expanding into the Asian markets, spreading Christianity, and demonstrating itself as a major national power. Political pressures eventually led the U.S. To grant political independence to the Philippines in 1946, but with the request for free military space and equal commercial rights as the Filipinos, maintaining the U.S. demonstration of self-interest in the region.

While the colonization of the Philippines could be considered imperialistic, the altruistic values did prove to benefit the Filipinos. Like their European counterparts such as the Dutch, the U.S. pursuit of expansion into Asian territories promised to be profitable socially, economically, and militarily. While the U.S. did benefit in these areas, the Filipino experience was two-fold: they suffered from war but were given the opportunity to develop a modern government that built the framework of a future state of autonomy. Today, Filipino's have successful educational, communication, transportation, agricultural, and political systems, and actively engage in the Asian markets. The U.S. presence, whether altruistic or imperialistic, did have a positive impact on the overall welfare of the Philippine nation.


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Term Paper on Colonization of the Philippines the Assignment

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