Columbia STS-107 Crew Introduction/Space Shuttle Term Paper

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..I feel blessed to be here representing our country and carrying out the research of scientists around the world. This email was sent January 31, 2003, just one day before the horrible tragedy.

Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon was at the age of 48 a father of four and a living legend and honor to his people. Ramon served as a Colonel in Israel's Air Force and was also a fighter pilot. As the son of holocaust survivors, Ramon was persistent, dedicated and courageous by nature. Ramon holds a B.S. In Electronics and Computer Engineering from University of Tel Aviv in 1987. On his foray into space Ramon commented, "I know my flight is very symbolic for the people of Israel, especially the survivors, the Holocaust survivors," said Ramon. "Because I was born in Israel, many people will see this as a dream that is come true."

Not one person new that this would be the last foray into space for the ill-fated shuttle and her crew. The shuttle disintegrated on its return to earth, taking the lives of the seven brave men and women. These brave astronauts did not die in vain but leave a legacy for others who shall follow in their path to space.


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Term Paper on Columbia STS-107 Crew Introduction/Space Shuttle Assignment

Young, Kelly. "Smoking gun eludes investigators one month after disaster." Retreived on March 1st, 2003 from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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