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COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION is defined as "building projects exclusive of residential [single- or two-family home] construction." It is one of the biggest segments of the entire construction industry which is believed to have strengthened the industry in recent years due to rapid and steady growth. The commercial sector has been growing steady for some time now as it evident from market researches and reports. Back in 2000, Sinderman wrote: "...the state of the commercial real estate market is strong. The demand for office, industrial and retail buildings remains high, and, as Internet-based companies continue to grow, specialized facilities have become more popular than ever." Now in 2005, a construction report by McGraw-Hill also supports that claim: "The commercial and infrastructure construction segments are providing a lift to the overall construction industry, marking a role reversal from most of the past two or three years. According to October 2004 figures for future construction contracts calculated by McGraw-Hill Construction, Lexington, Mass., overall new construction starts increased 4% in October vs. September (on a seasonally adjusted basis), with nonresidential and infrastructure construction gaining while the residential sector fell slightly." ("Late Rebound")Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Commercial Construction Assignment

Commercial construction is a roaring business these days because of the fact that construction industry does not have to endure fluctuations as frequent as some other industries. For some one who wants to enter this field, it is important to understand that a lot depends on the person himself. If I want to enter this vast field, I will need to focus on my strengths and avoid the basic pitfalls to make it work for me. Commercial builders are in the field for major gains while understanding the normally the margin is low. They have to make it big on volume. Challenges are numerous though. Commercial builders with more major projects under their belt need wider services, bigger staff and more inventories. Payments may not always be made in full and thus one needs to wait for monetary rewards. But despite all these problems, there are many advantages of being in commercial construction business. And now with this industry joining the Internet bandwagon, there are even greater chances of reaching a wider market and succeeding. As Sinderman writes: "Despite problems with materials, labor and zoning, the commercial real estate market has remained strong in all facets, from retail to industrial"

There are two basic forms of commercial construction. They are called light and heavy construction. Light construction refers to restoration or renovation work at multi-family buildings, retails stories, shopping malls, offices, motels, smaller hotels… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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