Common Concerns in the Nursing Profession Research Paper

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Patients typically request antibiotics for viral infections without realizing that the drugs will not be effective. The campaign materials also provide tips about how to appropriately treat common infections without antibiotics, which can be quite helpful for people who are not adequately informed.

I have never been prescribed an antibiotic for a condition that should not be treated with antibiotics. However, I have known this to happen to other people -- generally with small children for whom a secondary bacterial infection -- such as an ear infection following a cold -- could be a possibility. I am not confident that cultures were run before the antibiotic was prescribed.

It is a significant concern for future generations that antibiotics are being prescribed for conditions that do not warrant the medication. Antibiotic-resistant microbes are already evident in the environment, and without a concerted effort to preclude these inappropriate prescriptions of antibiotics, there are likely to be global outbreaks of disease for which no treatments are available.


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Discussion #3 Glucocorticoids are given via inhalation, PO, and IV for various situations pertaining to asthma. Describe how each of these forms may cause problems in the pediatric patient. How may the drug montelukast be different? What do you tell parents of children with asthma? Are there alternatives to these drugs? Use the internet and your text to discuss the "Step wise" treatment of asthma. Justify your answers and cite your references.

Research Paper on Common Concerns in the Nursing Profession Assignment

Glucocorticoids do not act immediately and so they must not be relied upon to treat acute asthma exacerbations or as maintenance for pediatric patients who experience severe asthma attacks. Once control over severe persistent asthma occurs, it is preferable to address maintenance with high dosages of inhaled corticosteroids over oral glucocorticoids since corticosteroids are associated with fewer systemic effects.

Montelukast is used to treat the shortness of breath and wheezing caused by asthma and to decrease the number of asthma attacks. It can be administered before exercise to prevent difficult breathing due to bronchospasm. Montelukast does not start to work immediately after administration so it is not useful for sudden or acute breathing attacks. The action of Montelukast is to reduce swelling and inflammation in the airways by blocking the naturally occurring leukotrienes that cause asthma or make it worse.

Some alternative treatments are available, although the effectiveness of these treatments has not been subjected to FDA studies. Diets rich in Omega fatty acids, fruits and vegetables have been shown to be helpful in some people. Also the herb boswellia and the pineapple extract bromelain have been known to help relax smooth muscles and reduce inflammation, respectfully. Some people with asthma have found relief with the Buteyko breathing technique. However, it is important to realize that these alternative treatments are not without some risk, and should be utilized under the care of a physician.


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