Communication and Collaboration between Teachers and Students Term Paper

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These surveys will give individuals the privacy to express their thoughts without fear. This will make it easy to identify the solutions recommended by the majority and advance them to ensure that they cover a dynamic scope of institutional and class initiatives.

Supportive communication is essential for the success of all leaders. I will advance supportive communication by the use of the inclusive approach. This approach will enable me to communicate with all the members of the school without making them feel demeaned. It is essential for all the individuals to feel involved in the decision making process. I will also use descriptive language to avoid bias. Descriptive language enables you to address a problem or particular issue using specific terms (Katyal & Evers, 2014). This can help to prevent individuals from feeling as if they are indicted in the problems arising in the institution. Individuals should feel the need to be part of the solution to the problems of the institution, rather than being feeling like they are part of the problem. This can help to build sustainable relationships with my colleagues.

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Teacher leadership helps to enhance proper management of the learning curriculum. Teacher leadership makes it possible to monitor how the teachers perform their duties. This can help to discover ways of motivating the teachers towards effective learning practices. Teacher leadership also helps to assess the performance of the students. This makes it easy to realize drops in performance and the probable causes of poor performance. Eventually, it helps to devise effective methods of improving the performance of the students. It also collaboration and teamwork among the teachers. This enables them to share knowledge and skills, which results in positive outcomes regarding student performance.

Term Paper on Communication and Collaboration between Teachers and Students Assignment

Introducing students to the concept of data and information management will be helpful in improving their achievements. Most students hardly have access to a full evaluation of data regarding their performance. I would advise the teachers to compile periodical reports on the performance of the students. Addressing this performance data with the students will help them to identify their significant areas of weaknesses and possible ways to improve. Setting expectations for the students can also help them to improve their achievements. Most students record fewer achievements due to the lack of a motivation factor. If they have a set of expectations, they will work hard to meet the expectations hence achieving higher results (Masino & Nino Zarazua, 2016).

I can convince the teachers to learn leadership qualities by exhibiting a good example in my position as a leader. Through this, the other teachers will observe the positive impacts of acquiring and applying leadership skills. I will also address the teachers about other examples of other people who have utilized the teacher leadership opportunities and recorded positive results. I will also enlighten the teachers how leadership qualities collaborate with teacher objectives. This will enable them to realize the potential they can gain by adopting leadership roles.

Measurement of progress is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of the initiatives. I will measure the effect of the initiatives through periodic evaluation of the performance of the students. Comparison of current results against the results before the introduction of the initiatives would help to depict whether the initiatives have a positive effect or an adverse effect (Masino & Nino Zarazua, 2016). This evaluation will include the input of teachers involved in the implementation of the initiatives. The teachers would have to suggest whether they are contented with the impacts of the new initiatives, or if they recommend the replacement of the initiatives.


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