Communication Skills Are Critical in Any Business Essay

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Communication skills are critical in any business or profession. However, the type of communication skills necessary will depend on the organizational culture, the job description and roles, and other contextual factors. Some jobs will require greater written communication skills than others; and some jobs demand astute oral or verbal communications skills. When analyzing my own communications skills, it may be helpful to review both the Baack (2012) text as well as scholarly resources. Without scholarly resources, I may not be able to assess my communication skills effectively enough. This paper will describe the assessment methods that I used to analyze my own communication skills. Then, I will discuss the observed or measured gaps in communication skills and identify training that can be used to address those gaps. Finally, I will discuss how I can improve my current communication skills to prepare me for advancement in my profession.

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To assess my communications skills, I used a combination of methods. As Arnold & Boggs (2013) point out, assessments can be both subjective and objective in nature, as well as qualitative or quantitative. In this case, I used a subjective and qualitative assessment measure based on self-reports. Self-reports are not the most reliable types of assessment methods because of the probability of bias. Therefore, I also included an assessment method that was objective in nature, but also qualitative. This involved interviewing my supervisor at work about my communication skills. To include a quantitative assessment measure to bolster the efficacy of my analysis, I prepared a survey for my coworkers too. This survey included several questions related to my communications skills, and I asked my colleagues to fill out the form. Using these three methods, my communications skills assessment was nearly infallible.

TOPIC: Essay on Communication Skills Are Critical in Any Business Assignment

My assessment results revealed some critical information. My core strengths include listening skills, empathy, and affability. I have what Burns (2002) calls an "other-oriented approach," which was described as "good" by my… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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