Communication and Sociology and Poverty Essay

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There is nothing wrong with being over-prepared. Adequate preparation in this case will entail first visualizing oneself delivering a great presentation, organizing materials in the way that gives you most comfort, and then practicing over and over. The beginning must always be strong, explaining the purpose (the benefits of online learning in this case) and emphasizing what participants are likely to gain. Depending on the size of the group, it may be appropriate to design small, numbered cards on which participants fill information on any questions they may have, and what exactly they expect to learn from the session. One needs to dress for success, put on something that they are comfortable with; something that allows them to walk around freely (high school students concentrate a lot on one's dressing; inappropriate dressing could send the wrong message, and interfere with participants' concentration). There is also need to identify the presentation's objectives, and make the same clear to the participants from the onset. Wear a smile, focus on message delivery, welcome participants warmly, and at the end of the session, thank them for coming (University of Washington, 2014).

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During the presentation, it is important to maintain eye contact, and make slide copies available to participants. Speaking to one's audience, rather than at them is paramount. Voice inflection and natural gestures add the audience's interest to a presentation; any complex terms should be defined and real-life examples/stories used to illustrate the major points. The presentation should be interactive; it should allow enough time for questions, promote discussion and help participants integrate key points and themes. It is appropriate to include a short group activity, and means for learners with disabilities. To add some reality to the presentation, one could have an alumni address the participants, tell them how he/she navigated through campus, and respond to their concerns (University of Washington, 2014).

Essay on Communication and Sociology and Poverty Assignment

Finally, it is important to have a strong conclusion, summarizing key points, and empowering participants to use the information gained from the session to weigh their college options. Most importantly, one should strive to make every presentation they deliver better than the previous one. One way to evaluate a presentation is to send an anonymous written survey to the participants, asking them to evaluate the success of the session. Alternatively, one could record their presentation for self-analysis (University of Washington, 2014).


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