Communication Theory Research Paper

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Communication Theory (attribution Theory in Communication)

Communication process involves exchange of information between the sender and the receiver. The sender transmits a message while the receiver decodes the message sent. The key elements of myriad communication models are: the sender, the receiver, the message, the channel or the medium through which the message is conveyed, the context, noise/interference, and feedback (Dimbleby & Burton, 1998). Communication will be considered effective when the receiver fully understands the sender's message. Otherwise the noise that is found along the way shall be deemed to be distractive enough to hinder the effective passing of the message intended from the source to the receiver of the message.

The sender or the source traditionally initiates communication process in a business communication setting. The audience becomes the receiver. The sender and the receiver engage in turn-taking (Heath & Bryant, 2000). This kind of interaction implies that whatever message the sender transmits can affect the sender and vice-versa.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Communication Theory Assignment

I have in several instances used this kind of approach to judge and condemn colleagues in the office and in the process allowing the attribution of traits hinder my communication at the workplace. For instance there was a time when I needed to leave the office two hours earlier than usual time, yet there was still work to be done. I had to leave since there was something urgent elsewhere I had to attend to. Upon asking my closest workstation colleague to help me clear the remaining task of inventory taking, she was unable to. My presumption was that it was because she felt jealous that by helping me on that particular day, I would still meet my set target for the day yet am out of office many hours before time, while she has to sit extra hours in the office. What this situation boiled down to was that the following few days, she asked me for the same favor, though her situation was that she was sick, I turned down the request with the reason that she 'never' helps me when I need the help. This situation made me not even to listen to the reasons why she needed my help. This situation escalated further that when we had projects to be done in collaboration, we never had mutual understanding on the sections to be carried out jointly as indicated in the secular but apportioned each person the sections.

In this situation, I can now see that I never considered the amount of work she may have had on her desk or the need for her to walk out of the office in time to attend to the kids from school. This affected the communication process since the message she sent me was distracted by the noise of attribution that I had formed hence never conveyed the intended message. The attribution further acted as noise for other forms of communication that emanated from the administration, hence the external factors came into play to interfere with the communication between the managers and me.

With this awareness, I would manage to control my attribution formation since I will now, henceforth consider more factors than the face value or the easy presumptions that I may deem come from the person's attitude or character. In effort to be objective and not be subject to attribution, I will always ask more questions so that I can understand the other external factors that may be hindering the person from responding in the manner I expected.

Personality in a significant manner affects the application of the attribution theory at work places. There are several cases where attribution is based on the personality of the individual like the shyness, intelligence and arrogance of the person.

Attribution theory application

The attribution theory is a commonly used concept in psychology and communication to explain the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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