Term Paper: Communication Through Various Advertising Techniques

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[. . .] Blinded since birth, Scheur states (Enews, 1999),

For me, the Internet has been a personal odyssey of discovery as it has allowed me access to information and communication with my clients and my associates. The use of the Internet has made it possible for me to manage SMG as well as to build and turn around complex healthcare organizations, nationally and internationally.

As the healthcare industry faces increasing scrutiny, financial and regulatory challenges, it is incumbent upon us to convert our knowledge base and skills into easy access and functional use for our colleagues worldwide. We are excited about our strategic phase development of our online presence to a full-service eCommerce business (Enews, 1999)."

Consumer goods manufacturers want to own their customer relationships -- build strong brands, ensure flawless delivery and provide superior customer service. Many significant customer-facing activities, however, occur at the retailer level. The emergence of new eCommerce and web-based customer relationship management (CRM) technologies offers consumer goods companies a resolution to this paradox by allowing them to take control of customer relationships. Manufacturers can expand and maximize customer touchpoints while simultaneously driving their marketing and advertising effectiveness. Since direct consumer contact has never been a core function for consumer goods manufacturers, harnessing new eCommerce and eCRM technologies was not a priority until very recently," said Janae Lepir, consumer markets analyst with Datamonitor. "A rising tech-savvy population and the need to revitalize a stagnating industry have led these companies to step up their use of these new technologies (Enews, 1999)."

The use of online methods to communicate with the consumer is a new trend and it is currently undergoing some growing pains as the businesses feel their way through protocol.

Currently, online sales account for only 0.2% of total global food and drink sales and 0.4% of total global personal care sales. By 2005, those percentages will have only increased to 3.6% for food and drink and 5.6% for personal care items. Companies that have moved to online sales face a triple threat: channel conflict, distribution and logistics complexity and the viability of selling consumer packed goods online (Enews, 1999). Channel conflict, especially, is becoming a serious problem as retailers become increasingly sensitive to the threat of disintermediation (Enews, 1999)."

By offering online product information and new product alerts, CPG manufacturers will ultimately contribute to the bottom line. In addition, leveraging the Internet as a "contribution" channel, as opposed to a distribution channel" -- combining customer data gathered over the Internet with aggregated retailer data -- CPG manufacturers will have the ability to tailor marketing campaigns and offer personalized customer service (Enews, 1999)."


The use of various methods of advertising for the purpose of communication is not a new concept. It has been used since the first sale or service of product. The marketing of products or services however, have gone through changes as the ability to advertise in different mediums has grown and developed. The communication methods used have included television, print ads, and radio and most recently the internet. All of these methods serve a purpose and each one works to communicate the message of purchase or use to potential consumers. As the world of advertising continues to advance different approaches will be developed to communicate with consumers. The messages remain the same while the delivery may change with popular trends.


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