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¶ … community agency report for the Fairfax County Alcohol Drug Services/Community Service Board (ADS-CSB) Crossroads Youth and Adult Residential Program. This report will first give some pertinent background information about the program including the mission, organization, services and operations. The essay will then describe the visit and evaluation that I conducted which includes my opinions on the organization and how effective this program is for its intended population.

The Crossroads Adult and Youth Residential program is located in the affluent neighborhood in Alexandria, Va. According to their website " Crossroads Youth is an 15-bed modified therapeutic community home for boys ages 15 through 18 who have significant chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health problems. These complex issues are often associated with legal involvement and a history of school failure. "

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The emphasis for this program is on raising the level of independent functioning so that participants can transition successfully to a less restrictive, more normalized setting. The program serves 20 to 30 boys each year who stay, on average between 3 to 6 months at the facility. There is a school on site, which is operated by the Fairfax County Public Schools to maintain each patient's educational path. During the stay, boys receive group and individual counseling in accordance to an individualized treatment plan. Included in these treatment plans are such programs as anger management conflict resolution, individual family sessions, and a weekly multi-family group.

Essay on Community Agency Report Assignment

The Crossroads is a Fairfax County sponsored program that receives funding from this agency and is directed by the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) which is mainly a volunteer organization. The CSB is organized by a 16 member board that directs funding and program initiatives. The 35 member staff at the Crossroads consists of licensed counselors, medical doctors, mental health recovery staff and an administrative staff. The organization also receives funds by donations and county tax dollars. Some patients pay some of the costs but many are there free of any costs.

The following treatments are available at Crossroads:

-Assessment and diagnosis

-One-on-one counseling

-Group counseling

-12-Step meeting integration

-Real time therapeutic supports 24 hours per day

-Family therapy

-Case management

-Moral Recognition Therapy

-On-site psychiatric assessment and treatment

-Medication monitoring

-Peer support and social skills training

-Emotional regulation training

-Crisis prevention/intervention

-Recreation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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