Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Essay

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Not necessarily everyone needs to come up with big plans and funds to prepare for emergencies. What is needed is that every person should have the basic tools that can help him face emergency (Pfau, 2013). Small things like needles, umbrella for rain, flat shoes for snow, torch for dark and mask for avoiding dust can help individuals take personal preparedness measures. Also one step ahead, people can guide their peers to do that too. They can motivate other people to be prepared for emergencies. However, it is often very uncommon in some regions to have emergencies. Even in those areas, the people can prepare. Although in such areas people will not be preparing too early but they can at least guess where the events are heading towards. When the fire breaks out, people should rush to take measures. First, they should make sure that every member of the family is at home. Then, the elders of family should guide their kids about how to behave, whether to go out or not, whether to drink tap water or not etc. These small measures are often very helpful.

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The members of society should know that they have a role to play in confronting emergencies. By neglecting their roles, they will be simply causing more harm. Besides that, when a person is avoiding a responsibility and still he has to do that job, he feels tired, worn out and stressed while doing it. Hence the productivity is often that low that doing and not doing is equal. Also a person can be careless enough to make fatal mistakes. Therefore, the public health agencies should arrange awareness programs on the role of individuals in emergency preparedness programs. The discipline of society is also much needed. If people create panic, things become much more difficult.

Essay on Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Assignment

The case presented only discusses the indirect effects of a forest fire not fire itself. A fire could have been much more deadly and problematic (Why Emergency Nursing? 2013). The community should be prepared to avoid mass hysteria. People should not panic rather they should be able to quickly come out of shocks to help the victims of an emergency. People should know that resources are always scarce and they should learn to share. If people fight on resources, not much will be able to take advantage. The example of school discussed here is the case that should be avoided. The mother was asked to bring the extra inhaler to the school so that other students can be helped but she hesitated to do so.


Preparing for emergencies is the job of individuals as well as the community. When a society is caught by emergency, the people should cooperate with each other and resources so that maximum benefit can be gained. Besides that, people should better plan for handling with emergencies. They should be prepared and not caught by emergencies without preparations. The more a society is prepared, the more it can avoid damages (Why Emergency Nursing? 2013). Nursing is one sector of health care that is most effective in dealing with emergencies. They can be trained for many things. First of all they should be trained to bear work load and stress at work. These two are most counterproductive states. Once the nurses are trained, the hospital should see if these nurses are enough or hospital needs to hire even more nurses. The decision should not be put to pending unless an emergency occurs.


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