Community Health Nurse What Is Their Role Research Paper

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Community Health Nurse

The profession of community health nurses is often thought of as a role of primary prevention. They work to prevent disease, injury, disability and premature death. Community health nurses work very closely with other public health professionals including environmental health experts, health educators, public health physicians, epidemiologists and nutritionists. As a member of this team, they work with local communities to assess and prioritize the major health problems and work on a plan to alleviate or eliminate these problems and the conditions that contribute to them (Public Health Nursing, 2010).

These nurses are able to help individuals and families to take action to improve their health status. Frequently this is done by teaching people about healthy lifestyle choices in the home, in the workplace, and in community settings. They help people in adopting improved health behavior choices to their everyday lives. Some personal behaviors that can contribute to health problems include tobacco use, improper diet, unsafe sexual practices, lack of physical exercise, and driving while intoxicated (Public Health Nursing, 2010).

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Community health nurses are aware that the community and environment in which people live can affect their ability to make healthy lifestyle choices and can affect whether or not such choices even exist. They often spend a significant portion of their time on ensuring healthy living conditions in the neighborhoods where they work and on improving the health status of the entire community, not just that of individuals. Instances of community issues on which the public health nurse may work are reducing tobacco sales to minors, fluoridation of drinking water, identifying and reducing workplace hazards, immunization of all children against communicable diseases, and reducing the risk of drowning through community education, pool safety, and construction regulation (Public Health Nursing, 2010).

Research Paper on Community Health Nurse What Is Their Role in the Community Assignment

A community health nursing professional, is often asked to provide access to health care to many who are not able to afford medical services. Their patients include poor and uninsured populations… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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