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Term Paper on Community Nursing Assignment

The industrial development has been responsible for the mass migration of the rural population into urbanized region, and therefore the construction activities have gained momentum. It has been the failure of the municipal and state government that instead of exploring other possible locations for the habilitation of the migrants and others, it has tried to create a congested environment by launching different housing schemes into the occupied areas. It is not only the housing schemes that are associated with the habilitation of the migrants and others, due to the rising trend in the local population the municipal and state government have to explore possible avenues for the generation of funds towards the expense of the social services and basic amenities to the citizens, and therefore it explores and appreciate the investment in its area. Taking an insight view of the residential area, the area can never be preferred for any industrial investment, and therefore the investment can be made in different recreational activities including parks, gymnasium, and golf courses. Of all these major investment the greater proportion of the return can be expected from investment by approving projects for the creation of the golf courses, therefore revenues can be generated, money can be secured, and the municipal committees can achieve its purpose without causing any disagreement with the state government about the funds and its allocation. Therefore the critical examination of the news report validated the statement it is the influence of the different lobbies associated with the municipal government that has compelled the legislators to compromise over the interests of the local residents. The fundraising campaigns have always played a crucial element in the election of the legislators into the municipality, and it is surprisingly to observe that the proportion of the funds provided by the local population is far less than the contribution made by corporate giants, industrialists and development authorities. In many of the cases the legislators unwilling have to support such development programs, which through different assessments are considered to the vulnerable for the local population and environmental conditions, but the poor legislators, are under the bounty to offer the permission to the lobbies associated with the development programs. In the report, the Mayor Susan Fennell has widely condemned the legislators for their support to the anti-environment forces, and expressed her displeasure to learn that the elected legislators leaned towards such anti-environment forces for financial grants. Unfortunately, in the whole exercise it is the environment which suffered irrecoverable attack, an attack that can be termed as open aggression, and condemnable offence. It is heartening to learn that the legislators refuted the statements and concerns of the local population, which then has to encourage the participation of the children into their campaign. The participation of the children into their campaign is justifiable because it is young population which will experience the deterioration of the environment, the environmental changes are never abrupt, and the variances are gradual and steady, therefore at the moment the population and the legislators might not be able to examine the real intensity of the threat and constrains associated with the environmental changes, it will take years for the changes and distortions to emerge as threat for the society, and the ultimate victim of such tragedy will be the children of today (Eldon, 2004).


The past record of the development exercises have revealed that it is human society which is to be blamed for the deterioration of the environment conditions, the human society has used the possible services of the technology to damage and destroy the environment, and the process associated with it. It is true that the human society, in particular the governing society has compromised over the protection of the environment, and 'have all exploited the land to their own benefits and caused massive extinctions in the process'. The animal species have been threatened by the environmental aggression, and for the sake of the continuity of the development processes, many of the plant species have been removed, the forests have been destroyed to ensure that the progress of the development programs do not hamper, although the environmental conditions decline. It is true that modern technology has brought convenience to the human society, and the pace of development programs have increased manifold, but unfortunately the same technology is accountable for the increasing rate of extinction. From the perspective of the legislators the areas covered by trees is to be replaced by the green field of the golf course, the green prevails, but unfortunately it is not much about the green field, it is more about killing a tree which is offer fresh air to large group of population without any discontinuity or hassle. It is also unethically on the part of the legislators to deceive the public; the local population of the area was initially warranted that the municipal authority does not plan to use the area for any development purpose which might be threatening to the environment, it is therefore the betrayal on the part of the municipal authorities to the local residents, who got them elected from their respective constituencies. It is strange to observe that the development authorities have justified the damage to the environment with the improvement in the economic standards and opportunities for the local population, whereas the local population has condemned such development plans has termed such reforms threatening to the human survival; the environmental studies have concluded that latter is justifiable. It is true that the municipal authorities and the state government have compromised for the interests of the multinational companies, and apart from the highlighted project, many different projects have been undertaken giving the preference to the returns of the multinational companies, and adopting ignorant tone towards the environmental protests and concerns associated with the same programs by the non-governmental organizations and the local population. In this case, the fundraising campaigns have put barrier, and therefore the legislators willingly are unwilling to turn their fund raisers and economic supporters strangled (David, 2004).

The environmental concerns associated with the development programs can be controlled by promoting the concepts of private ownership and further ensuring the concept of command and control. In this project, we have observed that capitalists forces reigned over the stand of the municipal authorities, and their policies, therefore let the capitalist forces be entitled to reign over their area for longer period, such a policy will ensure that the region remain protected. If the golf course developers are only allowed to develop such facility, and their services expire soon after the inauguration of the golf course and their affiliation since then onwards stand invalid, the legislators should encourage and allow the developers to bridge long-term affiliation with the project, this will not only make the developers more responsible towards the need of the region, and in case of their ignorance about such needs the developers will themselves be the victim of the tragedy, and of course it can be expected can none of the developer will ever let its profit percentage decline therefore its contribution towards environmental protection will be continuous and of greater intensity (Jay, 1992). Some of the critics of the environmental activists have declared that if their grievances have been addressed, then none of the development activities can be initiated or completed, because the destruction of the environment is the basic requirement for the launch of the project, which is valid argument. The industrialization have taken place because the previous legislators comprised over the environmental concerns, and the local population has itself been a major beneficiary of the industrialization, therefore the development programs are difficult to be halted for the sake of environmental concerns, especially such programs which have greater potential. In this regards what needs to be done is that the municipal authority should develop a system of command and control, and such locations that can be regarded as vulnerable to the environmental deterioration should be protected, such a policy of course require a compromise over the interests of the developers, but the municipal authorities and state government can provide other feasible locations for the same development program. The authorities need to declare some of the locations, in particular those in the residential quarters, as protected. It is difficult for the government to withdraw from the agreed projects, because such refusal might lead to the distrust of the developers towards the authorities of the area, and the area will therefore lose its potential, and the expected investment and the revenues might decline, which as discussed before is major constrains. Under such circumstance the municipal authority should impose environmental taxes so the expected damage that any of the projects is expected to cause and the gathered fine should be utilized towards promotion and growth of different environmental and forestry campaigns (Peter, 2003). Green Visions on its part has performed in a professional manner, and has gathered all relevant data to justify its concerns; surprisingly it has not forwarded any of the alternative strategy to the municipal… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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