Community Prevention Drug Use Among High School Thesis

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Community Prevention

Drug use among high school athletes is often a problem in relation to the pressure to perform while also coping with other factors such as peer group, home life, and school work. The temptation to use steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs therefore increases concomitantly with pressures from the social and private lives of the athletes. In order to help curb this problem, I would therefore propose a community prevention program that focuses on preventing drug use in high school athletes in Boise High School, Idaho.


Risk factors include: a difficult home life, where there is for example constant discord between parents, or between the parents and children; parents and family members who use drugs; friends who use drugs; and the availability of drugs.

Other risk factors could include individual emotional problems such as depression and a feeling of unworthiness, as well as less than average school performance. These factors are mitigated by perceived talents in sports, and hence the drive to perform better. This drive further strengthens the propensity towards using drugs.

Protective factors

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Protective factors could relate to the individual, as well as his or her relationships with peers, family, and the community. An individual may for example have a particularly strong character, which could offset risk factors such as peer pressure and home life. Concomitantly, a good home and community basis will support the individual in choosing not to choose drugs. Community programs for example have proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of drug use among young people in general, and among athletes in particular. After-school programs for example reduce the opportunity to become involved in less desirable activities, and drug use as a result is reduced.

Community activities can also cultivate healthy peer-group and family relationships that will reduce the risk of drug use among athletes. Young athletes can then be encouraged to view themselves as worthy on the basis of more than only their athletic performance, and cultivate a more balanced lifestyle in this way.

TOPIC: Thesis on Community Prevention Drug Use Among High School Assignment

In cases where rehabilitation is necessary, the community can also serve as an important protective factor in cultivating healthy family and peer relationships. These relationships will then be a strong basis upon which to build a maintenance plan for the future health of the athlete and the athletic team of which he or she is part.

Strategy would mainly base my strategy upon prevention by means of information dissemination and community training programs. I would handle the former via pamphlets, talks at the school concerned, visual materials such as DVDs, and other materials to provide information on the risk factors involved in drug use. For this, I would particularly focus upon the long-term dangers of steroid use. I would also emphasize the importance of cultivating healthy relationships concomitantly with a healthy lifestyle.

In terms of community training programs, I would provide young athletes with the opportunity to learn more about the specific risk factors for their particular peer group. For these, I would also focus on building relationships with family members and friends. Specifically, one could create separate programs for various relationship types. For a young person, the peer group is vitally important, while the home life provides a vital basis for healthy relationship models.

Role models could also be emphasized in this regard, as these provide a strong guideline for healthy athletic performance and achievement.

Institute of Medicine

The IOM type I would use is selective: I would specifically target high school athletes for my prevention program. I would furthermore investigate the specific risk and protective factors involved, and incorporate these in the program.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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