Community Profile Research Community Diversity and Crime Term Paper

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Community Profile

Research Community Diversity and Crime

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn covers a total land area of 70.61 square miles. It lies at 40.65N latitude and -73.95W longitude. The total population calculated at the time of the 2000 census of Brooklyn was found to be 2,465,326 and hence its population per square miles is 34,914.68. The average household belongs to the middle class with a low average income which at a local level is calculated to be $32,135 and $41,994 at the national level. The average age of a citizen in Brooklyn, NY is about 35 years. Brooklyn constitutes a wide range of people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The Whites form the largest part of the population followed by the Blacks. These two form the bulk of the population followed by the Latinos, Asians and the American Indian who are comparatively at a much lower level. People belonging to two or more races are also there in significant numbers. The Native Hawaiians are the smallest in number.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Community Profile Research Community Diversity and Crime Assignment

Crime rates in Brooklyn have decreased over the past years. In a period of 10 years from 1993 to 2003 the crime rates in Brooklyn dropped by a huge 63%. The total reported incidents were only 44,648 while in 1993 this figure was way above 80,000. A mega change was seen in the motor vehicle theft rates that fell by about 44% thus forming only 33% of the total crimes committed. Its crime index is approximately 19 crimes per 1000 inhabitants which is much lower that the entire city's crime index being at about 29 crimes. In a study in the year 1998 it was observed that 2% of a 15-year-old black or African-American is likely to get killed before he reaches 45 (U.S. Bureau of the Census). William J. Bratton who presided in the chair of the New York police commissioner during the decline of the crime rates states that this decline in the crime rates are due to the better coordination between the different units of the NYPD including increased arrests for the possession of arms and increased computer aided analysis of crime patterns. He also gives credit to the increased accountability from the precinct commander (Anonymous). With time Brooklyn has witnessed decreased crime rates and the residents there have been very much pleased with this drop in the societal menace. "Brooklyn is the center of the universe," says a 70-year-old resident. "It's the motherland." Another citizen living, in Brooklyn for the past 40 years in the same apartment, Pecorara says "I have never once thought of leaving Brooklyn" (Randy Bergmann). The citizens are very pleased with the decreased crime rates of Brooklyn and see a better future for the place. Volunteer services have also been started and people are taking part in it at a large scale to improve the neighborhood and efforts are being made where the citizens gather and talk about young crime gangs and youth violence. September 11 has also made a huge impact on the efficiency of the police department and the consequent anthrax threats are keeping them on their feet and highly alert.

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