Term Paper: Community Sports Development

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Community Sports Development

What did you understand by the term Community Sports Development? And how does it differ from traditional sports development?

Generally, community sports development conceives of sports as a means to a much larger end or set of ends within the community beyond the realm of sport. Those ends may pertain to community development or to the betterment of individuals who participate in or otherwise benefit from their association with sports activities. Community sports development can be directed to assist specific groups (such as single mothers or the unemployed or underprivileged) and to further community goals (such as positive community relations in particular geographic areas or among and between various groups of people). In the largest sense, community sports development can be directed toward promotion of governmental policies and objectives, as well, such as the generation of revenue or positive public relations and publicity.

Traditional sport development represents the polar opposite of community sports development. In principle, traditional sport development is designed with a much narrower focus, such as either on (1) specifically promoting the development of the individual as a competitor in a sport, or (2) promoting the elevation of a particular sports organization or interest. The primary difference in that regard is that community sports development approaches sports as a means to a larger end whereas traditional sport development is virtually unconcerned with any objectives beyond performance of individuals and organizations in specific sports endeavours.

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