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Soong also points out that there is a "fun" factor. To upwardly mobile Latin Americans, cell phones are seen as a status symbol. Soong concludes that "This, in conjunction with the other factors described above, has contributed to the explosion of cellular phone use" It is also a good reason to enter the market now, while it is on its upswing.


Of all the nations in Latin America that could become markets for our products and services, Chile seems to be the soundest choice for reasons of its projected internal cellular phone market growth, its current financial rating globally, its relatively stable government, and the ease of reaching the market from the United States, both physically and culturally.

In addition, the market itself seems to offer the best possible conditions: receptivity, sufficient maturity that one is not having to 'educate' one's customers, and a long way to go before the market becomes saturated.

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Appendix A

Chilean Cell Phone Usage Facts

Term Paper on Company International When a Market Assignment

89% of users rent their cellular phones

58% are the sole users, 18% share between two people, 12% share among three people, and 12% share among four or more people

9% use it for business reasons only, 47% use it for personal reasons only and 44% use it for both… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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