Company's Product or Service? The Company Operates Term Paper

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¶ … company's product or service?

The Company operates its business in two reportable segments, Retail and HD Supply. Retail stores are full-service, warehouse-style stores stocking 35,000 to 45,000 different kinds of building materials, home improvement supplies and lawn and garden products that are sold to do-it-yourself customers, do-it-for-me customers, home improvement contractors, tradespeople and building maintenance professionals. In addition, the Company operates EXPO Design Center stores which offer products and services related to design and renovation projects, and the Home Depot Landscape Supply stores, which offers lawn, landscape and garden products.

Additionally, HD Supply, through the Company's wholly-owned subsidiaries, distributes products and sells installation services primarily to business-to-business customers, including home builders, professional contractors, municipalities and maintenance professionals. HD Supply consists of four major platforms: 1) infrastructure, including waterworks and utilities; 2) construction, including construction supply, lumber and building materials, electrical, plumbing/HVAC and interiors; 3) maintenance, including facilities maintenance and industrial PVF; and 4) repair and remodel.

b. When was the company established?

The Home Depot was founded in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia.

c. What accounting firm audited its financial statements?

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The financial statements of the Company were audited by KPMG LLP, an independent registered public accounting firm.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Company's Product or Service? The Company Operates Assignment

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