Company I Worked for Changed Its Sales Essay

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¶ … company I worked for changed its sales structure significantly in order to respond to changes in the competitive environment of the marketplace. This change was introduced from the top levels of management, which believed that the company's full range of products were not being fully exposed to the marketplace, largely as a result of the sales structure, including both the configuration of the representatives' territories and the process by which representatives sold into those territories. The change had numerous implications at all levels of the company and was felt by most members of the company to be -- although perhaps necessary for the company's survival in an increasingly competitive marketplace -- a fairly uncomfortable development.

In this brief paper, I will discuss and analyze the change in my company through an approach that accounts for stakeholder perceptions and multiple perspectives, showing the change to be a "story of change," as described by Palmer, Dunford, and Akin (2008). Following a brief summary of the change structure and events, as well as a description of the need that drove the change in the first place, I will describe the effects and implications of the change for a number of the stakeholders in the company's efforts, and will discuss the lessons learned from the change experience.

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Need for Change and Change Structure/Events. My company had, over the course of several generations, evolved into a large national player in its marketplace. That marketplace itself had been characterized for decades as a producer-driven, value-based market in which public monies were spent on products that were chosen at the local level, so there was little effort on the part of consumers to demand product innovations. They simply looked at what producers offered and attempted to get the most for their money. There were a number of national players that competed for market share, and the companies were all relatively evenly-matched in terms of product offerings, sales force configurations, and the like.

TOPIC: Essay on Company I Worked for Changed Its Sales Assignment

However, following the advent of the internet and the introduction of new regional players who were able to enter the marketplace with very low overhead due to innovative production plans made possible by new technologies, competition had begun to increase significantly in the past decade or two, as consumers had a range of options for product choice and delivery.

Specifically, the change effort was made to break sales territories down into smaller and therefore more manageable geographical areas. This had the result that the attendant duties required to adequately cover those territories also changed. Whereas in the past, an emphasis was placed on broad and fairly shallow coverage of each individual account, so that a sales representative made his quota by going into each account briefly and finding out critical needs, meeting them, and then moving on, the new territory configuration required a more personalized approach. Essentially, the sales orientation changed from transactional relationships with the customer to relational relationships. Now representative were required to go into their accounts and dig below the surface of critical needs, to find out whether the customer had any ancillary or customized needs that the company could meet with its products. Maintenance of accounts and selling from a perspective of customer-centered needs became the order of the day. Customization of both product configurations, and in many cases, actual product offerings changed the way the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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