Compare and Contrast Perceptions of Genders in College Basketball Term Paper

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¶ … Perceptions of Genders in College Basketball

The activities in games are a part of college and students participate in it to fulfill their own perceptions about themselves. There are also benefits they expect from the sport that they engage in, and that is mainly due to their own preferences. At the same time, the sport itself projects an image on them. The question remains whether the image they expect from the sport and other activities, is it deserved by them?

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There have been a lot of problems for women to get the recognition they deserve in basket ball. Only after the needed laws were passed did the women's basket ball association get recognized like the men's basket ball association. This went on for a long time and finally the men's basket ball association NBA agreed to merge and also include women in their game. At the same time, let us remember that women have been playing basketball for many years, and some women had played basket ball over a century ago, but there was no Women's National Basketball Association. Yet women had to play differently and not for winning. Some good players were viewed as having a masculine performing style with rough and vicious play which was viewed as being even worse than men. This was an aggressive playing style that had to be controlled and the style was becoming intolerable. This led to modifications in the rules of basketball for women so that no dribbling was permitted on the court, women were not permitted to make any physical contact with each other and women were not permitted to grab the ball out of the hands of another player. (Benefits of the WNBA)

TOPIC: Term Paper on Compare and Contrast Perceptions of Genders in College Basketball Assignment

There were many further developments over the next hundred years, yet women's basketball seemed to be dominated by men's basketball. While the game was being changed, a lot of the original styles and practices were lost and women did not have to wear skirts while playing basketball. This helped them to improve their range of motions on the court and the game developed to a faster pace. Again the game developed to be a game like the game played by men and the players dribble the ball all around the court. In spite of all the similarities, there are still some differences in the public performance of men and women - the games of women are for shorter durations. At the same time, the basketball players face less of sexuality image problems as they concentrate on display of their femininity and this stops the questions arising about their sexuality. They wear dresses and heels and moves around with a stroller when they are not on court. The pictures that come of them are also with their boyfriend or in pursuit of better hair or make up. This makes certain that it is not felt that they are homosexuals. (Benefits of the WNBA)

At the same time, the question of sexuality among college students has become very important and was recently held at a renowned girl's college. The subject was titled as "Sex and the American College Student." This type of seminars has not been held too many times and had certainly not been held earlier in the Midwest. This is in spite of the high sexual activity that is taking place in the colleges. A survey of the college among 1000 students found that of the students between the ages of 18 and 23 as many as 75% of males and 60% of females were active in sexual activity. (Educators discuss student sexual activity) But in the case of sports there has always been a sexual barrier. This happens due to different sports being targeted towards different sexes. This means that some sports are targeted to males while others are targeted to females.

This also gives a problem to the members of sexes entering a sport not felt to be suitable for that sex. Though this sort of an attitude exists even now, there is no doubt that attitudes will slowly change and entry of the other sex in the game will be slowly accepted. This is happening as some adventurous individuals are entering that sport. Yet there are still ideas and comments made about individuals who enter a sport not made for their sex. As an example, let us take the movie Pumping Iron II and in the movie itself the characters of women body builders are faced with opinions due to their direct physical appearance. Only one character is expected to be normal, Carla as she is shown with her mother and sister. She does not have to specify that she is a female. At the same time, the other female characters appear with their boyfriends or husbands. (Gender Barriers: When Will the Ridicule Cease?) At the same time, does that make the others become less feminine? The question is probably that all of us do not like the women to be shown doing what we would like to do ourselves.

Let us get back to the seminar we were talking about, and one of the important points discussed there was the stages of sexual development by sociological professor John Delamater. He said that the feelings come through exploration of the individual bodies, and generally starts at adolescence. It is at that time individuals realize that they have control over their bodies and the related sexual effects as also their personal sexual behavior. According to the professor this was a critical period for the development of individual as if the persons do not feel that they have control over their own sexuality then they will end up having lower sexual standards. Thus it is very important to give kids information on sexuality as a result of which they will be in a position to make responsible decisions. The process of teaching should begin in childhood and continue the process of teaching so that they develop into responsible adults. (Educators discuss student sexual activity)

The sexuality and relationships developed in young adulthood are very important, as they will decide the standards that the person will follow throughout life. This is what leads to practice of abstinence, or somewhat permissive with having relations with only one person, or totally permissive and engage in sexual acts without affection. The professor said that there are some results that occur from sexuality in young adulthood and these are lack of consensus, unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and problems due to alcohol. (Educators discuss student sexual activity) The question may ask as to the relationship of this to basketball, and one would ask them to remember that basketball is now on the way to becoming a sport enjoyed by men and women, and thus the chances of engaging in such behavior is more likely.

This is the problem that was highlighted by Beth Zemsky, director of the University of Minnesota Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Programs office. She concentrated on sexual development and sexual orientation to remind attendees that all the young persons present there were all heterosexual. This realization of not being heterosexual comes to the young persons when they are about 14 years old. The reason for this is that in high school the persons are not permitted to develop sexually, or form relationships and this is the risk in their development. (Educators discuss student sexual activity) At the same time, there are demand to live up to the sexual stereotype, not only in women but also in men. This can be seen in the obvious sniggers that come when individuals talk about a male ballet dancer or a male in synchronized swimming. The first reaction from most persons would be to say that the individual is a homosexual. This is what compels many persons to take part in sports that are not liked by them or where they cannot perform so well. The picture is the same, some sports are viewed as men's sports and there the participation of women is looked upon with suspicion, and similarly for men. There are reported incidences when a young boy who wanted to take up ballet dancing was compelled to take up Tae Kwon Do and weightlifting due to these sniggers. (Gender Barriers: When Will the Ridicule Cease?)

The major problems of Americans in development as individuals is their total pre-occupation with sex, and this can be seen in one of the recent famous books, I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe. The questions that were raised in the book had answers that were well-known by American students. According to the author the principal reasons for the ignorance and lack of development of American students is their concentration on sex. This is the main reason why individuals have to choose even their game, including basketball. The heroine of his book was a girl from rural North Carolina who joined DuPont on a scholarship and was totally flabbergasted by the social scene. Her story in the college was of a number… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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