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¶ … Business Processes

Of the many examples of business processes provided in the text, the one that continues to go through significant change as a result of continued innovations in enterprise application development is distributed order management. Enterprise application providers are now able to create distributed order management and order process workflows that are agile enough to reflect how companies choose to work, rather than forcing them to change how they do business just to use the system (Chan, Chung, Choy, 2006). Figure 1 below shows the revised order process as defined in chapter 10 of the text (Kroenke, 2013). The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate how methodologies vary in terms of defining how best to manage revised order processes in an enterprise.

Analysis of Methodologies

The text makes the claim that a methodology based on swim lanes as the foundation, with continual improvements in trimming back overlapping processes is the best possible methodology. A swim lane-based methodology makes sense when processes are serially based and lack complexity across a great number of departments (Kroenke, 2013). As swim lanes are by nature a bounded methodology by how many can be shown on a given department, this methodology works for smaller implementations.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Comparing Business Processes Assignment

The advantages of a swim lane-based methodology can be seen in Figure 1, which is from chapter 10 of the book. It is clear from this methodology that the interconnecting points at the departmental level can be managed well from this approach, assuming a relatively limited number of process and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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