Essay: Comparing and Contrasting

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¶ … shield is oblong; almost a perfect oval shape except the top half is slightly narrower than the bottom half. There is a figure of a human in the center of shield that looks almost like a prophet of some sort because of the way the arms are held upward and to the side. It also looks like he is wearing a robe of some sort. The main colors of the piece are brown, black, gold, tan and dark orange. The central human figure takes up the majority of the shield. There are a lot of uneven lines going around the perimeter of the shield, and there are bunch of short lines grouped together at the bottom of the shield underneath where the human figure is standing. There is also a grouping of lines above the head of the figure, but not as many as are below. Most of the lines in the bottom part of the shield are curved lines, while the ones that are going up the sides of the shield are straight lines.


Lines play a significant role in this piece. The straighter lines going up the left and right side of the shield are in alignment with the shape of the sides of the piece. The curved lines at the top and the bottom are in alignment with the curved shape of these parts of the shield. This helps to create a sense of balance and symmetry even though the lines themselves are uneven. In regard to the different tones in the different areas of the shield, the darker (black) shapes are in perfect symmetry as they designate the right and left side of the robe worn by the human figure. The brighter, 'shinier' hues (gold and orange) are used to flank the main figure, helping the dark areas to 'pop'. The gold areas are must less solid and more wispy than the other tones, giving the shield a more majestic feeling than it would have if the gold had been left out of it. The form is a combination of open and closed because although the lines around the perimeter of the shield create a sense of enclosure of the human figure, at the same time they are broken lines, so there is a sense of openness as well. Overall, the piece is very solid and has a heavy volume.


I believe that the artist is trying to show that a person can have power and be regal, but still can feel somewhat trapped by his responsibilities and duties to the people he rules. I have made this interpretation based on… [END OF PREVIEW]

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