Comparing Two Characters Maheo and God in Two Different Stories Research Proposal

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¶ … God of the King James Bible and Maheo, of the Cheyenne Myth "How the World Was Made"

The King James Bible's version of the Genesis myth of creation and the Cheyenne myth "How the World Was Made" as retold by Alice Marriott and Carol C. Rachlin are both origin myths that detail how the world began from nothing. The stories chronicle the beginning of the earth, the animals, and humanity. They also detail humanity's relationship with the divine, creating force. Their plots are fairly similar, in that they explain how the world and humanity came to be, even though the relationship between the creator god and humanity is very different. Maheo of Cheyenne legend is a very human, very anthropomorphic god. This stands in primary contrast to the God of the Hebrew Bible of Genesis who has very little emotional resemblance to Adam or Eve, even though he created humanity in his image. Secondly, Maheo is a much emotionally needier god. Maheo is not all-powerful, and all-seeing like the confident God of Genesis. And unlike the God of Genesis, Maheo is capable of changing his mind, of taking advice, and learning, while the God of Genesis has no need to learn from the world that has been created solely as a result of his efforts.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Proposal on Comparing Two Characters Maheo and God in Two Different Stories Assignment

The God of the King James Bible precedes all other things in the world, and thus is super-human. The Bible begins with the phrase "in the beginning God created the heavens" (163). What came before is unknowable. God is the beginning force behind all things. The Cheyenne myth seems to begin with a similar sense of nothingness, described as a "void" (11). However, the description of Maheo's emotional experience void is far more resonant with human experience, as if Maheo had an emotional life that preceded the creation of the world. The void is not simply nothing, but sounds more like a lonely room. "He looked around but there was nothing to see. He listened, but there was nothing to hear. There was only Maheo, alone in nothingness" (11). Of course, a reader might protest that the creation of Eve arises from God's apprehension of loneliness: "And the Lord God said, 'it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him a helpmeet'" (165). But God does not feel lonely, he only sense Adam's loneliness. God is not even described as being angry at Man's disobedience, although he punishes Adam and Eve. He merely says that the man "is become as one of us" and drives the couple from Eden (167). In contrast, Maheo is filled with human emotions as he creates the world: "How beautiful it all is, Maheo thought in his heart," as he created (11).

The omnipotence of the God of Genesis is conveyed by his stated approval "it was good," noting his creation of the light (163). However, this goodness is self-evident, it is never in question that a good God is making good things, and this good God knows 'what he is doing.' God knows what the world will resemble in minute detail, even before it occurs: "let the earth bring forth grass, the earth yielding seed,' he says (163). In contrast, Maheo is taken surprise… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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