Comparing My Values to Health Policy Essay

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Therefore, understanding that there is no superior religion is vital as it reduces conflicts and ensures that I am able to relate well with individuals who hold different spiritual beliefs. My spiritual belief also ensures that I do not discriminate against any particular religion.

Cost, Quality, and Social Issues in Relation to Personal Values and Beliefs

I believe that healthcare reform with its emphasis on rewarding quality and cutting costs will change the landscape of care in the United States. Investment in legislative and practice advocacy is a necessity for nurses. Having standardized benchmarks for excellence and quality measurements will result in a positive impact for the realignment of healthcare systems (Peleg, Shahar, & Quaglini, 2014). Nurses should be at the forefront of finding creative ways of rendering care. The inefficiencies found in the management of supplies and treatments should be improved upon in order to ensure that the status of hospitals is not compromised. This could also have a negative impact on the nursing career. Health is considered to be a human right. Therefore, there is need to ensure that people receive proper healthcare anytime they visit a health facility. However, this becomes harder with each passing day as healthcare facilities have limited resources and they also have to ensure that they do not incur unnecessary costs. For people who have no medical insurance, it becomes hard for them to receive proper healthcare. We need to relook into how we handle poor people and ensure that healthcare is accessible to all.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Impact of Upbringing, Experiences, and Political Ideology

Essay on Comparing My Values to Health Policy Assignment

In my upbringing, I have been brought up in a family that did not indulge in alcohol and drugs. Coming from a community where the effects of such vices have been seen clearly has ensured that I have managed to stay away from these vices. Alcohol and drugs are hard to stop once an individual becomes addicted, however, with proper guidance and counseling it is possible to rehabilitate the individual. Having being brought up in Christian home and been taught the negative effects of alcohol and drugs has also made me more aware of the devasting effects that they might have on an individual and his/her family. I believe that alcohol should not be readily available and there should be ways of safeguarding communities from the adverse effects of alcohol addiction. The government should invest more on rehabilitation of drunkards to ensure that they can become responsible community members (Uzochukwu et al., 2016). Drugs should be banned and there should be increased efforts to fight the illegal drug trade. Drug addicts should also be well cared for to ensure that they can also reform and stop taking drugs.


My personal beliefs have to do with offering care to all, however, this is not possible since as an individual I am not able to attend to all the patients who pass by our care facility. Hospitals have been forced to turn away patients who are not able to pay for their costs of treatment and this impacts my belief since we should be able to care for all. Therefore, there is need to have a better healthcare system in place to ensure that we can offer care to all that need it regardless of their ability to meet the costs of treatment. As a nurse, it is hard to turn away a patient and advise them to seek treatment elsewhere while you know that it is your duty to offer care to them. I get torn between doing what is right for the patient and doing what is right for the healthcare facility.


Merlo, G., Page, K., Ratcliffe, J., Halton, K., & Graves, N. (2015). Bridging the gap: exploring the barriers to using economic evidence in healthcare decision making and strategies for improving uptake. Applied health economics and health policy, 13(3), 303-309.

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