Comparison of Benito Juarez and Domingo Sarmiento Essay

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¶ … Juarez and Sarmiento

Benito Juarez was the president of Mexico for five different terms in between 1858 and 1872. A lawyer and career politician by trade, Juarez was unique for a Mexican president of his era in that he had no military background. Nevertheless, he successfully led Mexican resistance against the occupying French forces and was responsible for the achievement of Mexican independence. In political philosophy, Juarez was a liberal. He opposed the dominance of both the military authorities and of the Catholic Church on Mexican society and he worked to promote a liberal society based on a capitalist economic structure modeled after the United States. Juarez also promoted the fundamental principle of the equality of all persons under the law, and at time when that equality was recognized in law in the U.S. But largely violated throughout the nation in actual practice for almost another full century. When Maximilian von Habsburg was crowned Emperor of Mexico in 1864, Juarez was offered the position of Prime Minister of Mexico. Juarez, as a nationalist, declined the offer based on his absolute opposition to monarchical rule by the Habsburgs (or any other foreign monarchy) over Mexico.

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Essay on Comparison of Benito Juarez and Domingo Sarmiento Assignment

Domingo Sarmiento was the President of Argentina from 1868 to 1874. His political philosophy was based on promoting the intellectual and social ideals of Europe since the Enlightenment. He was, by comparison to other political leaders of his era, far advanced in his thinking about the equality of persons, equal rights, and equality of social opportunity, such as in connection with the education and rights of women in society. Sarmiento was especially… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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