Comparison and Contrast Between Public and Private Schools Term Paper

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Public v. Private Schools

The difference involving public and Private Schools is no longer as clear-cut as it once was. It may well be that the local public school is an enhanced educational match for a child than an elite private school with a national standing and a price tag to match. And even though some examination shows that private schools tend to have greater scholastic programs, this isn't always the case. In spite of their now and then negative press, public schools are in fact getting better (Boland, 2011).

The most understandable difference between public and private schools comes down to cash. The good news for parents is that public schools cannot charge tuition. The bad news is that public schools are complex, frequently underfunded procedures influenced by political powers. Funding by way of federal, state, and local taxes, public schools are part of a bigger school system, which functions as a division of the government and must go by the rules and regulations set by politicians (Private vs. public, 2011).

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On the other hand, private schools have to create their own financial support, which normally comes from an assortment of resources: tuition; private grants; and fundraising from parents, alumni, and other society members. If the school is connected with a religious group, the local branch may offer a significant source of financial support as well. For parents this rapidly converts into high tuition expenses and at times very tiring work calendar of parent-sponsored fundraisers. "According to the National Association of Independent Schools, the median tuition for their member private day schools in 2008-2009 in the United States was $17,441. Tuition for boarding schools was close to $37,017" (Private vs. public, 2011). Parochial schools are often more reasonably priced. "The National Catholic Educational Association reports that the mean tuition for parish elementary schools is $2,607 and $6,906 for the freshman year of secondary school" (Private vs. public, 2011).

Term Paper on Comparison and Contrast Between Public and Private Schools Assignment

The prospective benefits of private schools accumulate from their self-government. Private schools do not get tax monies, so they do not have to go by the same policies and bureaucratic procedures that govern and sometimes hold back public schools. This permits many private schools to be extremely specialized, offering set apart learning, superior set of courses, or programs geared in the direction of specific religious beliefs. There are exceptions to such generalities like charter and magnet schools which are more and more ordinary public schools that frequently have a special educational focus or premise (Private vs. public, 2011).

Another apparent difference between public and private schools comes from their particular admissions procedures. By law, public schools must allow all kids. In a lot of instances, enrolling a child involves little more than filling out the appropriate paperwork and providing proof of address to the local school district office. In reality, on the other hand, getting a child into the public school of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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