Comparison Between Russian and US Culture Annotated Bibliography

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Global Business Cultural Analysis - Russia

abn amro, (2007). Russia, a promising and exciting business environment. ABN AMRO.

The research and economics department of ABN AMRO has conducted an overall research of the Russian economy. The report presented the economic factors in Russia. ABN AMRO economic department also analyzed the Russian business sectors in detail. Sectors that were evaluated and discussed in detail were Minerals and mining industry, oil and gas industry and food sector of the Russian business. The growth and development of Russian economy and business over the period of 1996 to 2008 has been compared in this report to comment on the growth of the country and its businesses over the period of time. This report has also presented a detailed overview on the country's business attractions. The report highlights the potential areas and business sectors that are lucrative for the investors. This report helps a great deal in preparing the SWOT and FDI analysis of the country. The report also helped in highlighting the areas of interest to the foreign investors.

Ardichvili, A., Jondle, D., Kowske, B., Cornachione, E., Li, J., & Thakadipuram, T. (2012). Ethical cultures in large business organizations in Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Journal of Business Ethics, 105(4), 415-428.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Annotated Bibliography on Comparison Between Russian and US Culture Assignment

This research paper prepared by representatives of various universities and institutes (including students from University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, Kenexa Research Institute, University of Sao Paulo, University of North Texas and St. Claret College) around the globe compares the differences between business ethics as practiced in various countries. The study was conducted in the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and the U.S. The study was based on responses gathered from a sample of approximately (more than) fifteen thousand employees from the five countries. The study showed that ratings / replies from Brazil and U.S. were quite similar to each other and differed from the other three countries. This study helped in identifying the business ethics and ethical aspect of the national culture of Russia and U.S.. It also helped a great deal in identifying the differences between the business and national culture of the two countries.

Balykina, G. (2013). Cultural Dimensions and Modern Russian Business. Available At SSRN 2342954.

This paper is a detailed explanation of the Hofstede's dimensions of culture. Balykina has taken Hofstede's cultural dimensions of Power Distance, Collectivism / Individualism, Masculinity / Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance and Long-term / Short-Term Orientation and explained them in detail. After analyzing the concepts given by Hofstede the researcher has then considered the research conducted by Hofstede in this regard. The writer has also taken the scores of the most recent Analysis of Russian culture on the basis of Hofstede's cultural dimensions and analyzed the Russian business culture on that basis. This paper is a comprehensive detailed paper on the Hofstede's dimensions of culture and Russian national and business culture as determined by these dimensions. The paper was used throughout this study as it greatly helped in establishing the study structure as well as in determining the link between national cultural dimensions and the business / organizational culture of the enterprises operating in that nation / society.

Beekun, R., Stedham, Y., Yamamura, J., & Barghouti, J. (2003). Comparing business ethics in Russia and the U.S. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 14(8), 1333-1349.

The paper is based on a comparative study and research conducted by a group of researchers. The paper aims at identifying the differences in the business ethics practiced in U.S. And Russia. This paper gives the brief overview of the business culture prevalent in the U.S. And Russia. The paper is based on the responses obtained from participants (being business managers) from both the countries. The total number of participants for the purpose of this study were one hundred and sixty five. Out of then sixty three people were from Russia and ninety three from U.S.. The paper pointed out the most obvious differences between the ethical principles practiced by the businesses in both the nations. Where the U.S. business associates are quite particular and strict about their ethical principles and morals, the Russian business associates do not give much consideration to them. The paper also proves the point that power distanced and developing nations like Russia do have less consideration for ethics and morals.

Belaya, V., Gagalyuk, T., & Hanf, J. (2012). Influence of Foreign Direct Investments on Supply Chain Management: Insights from Russian and Ukrainian Agri-Food Business. Management & Marketing, 7(2).

This paper was written by researchers from Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas (Germany), Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (Ukraine) and University of Applied Sciences RheinMain (Germany). The paper presents the attractiveness of Russian and Ukrainian Food industries for the foreign investors. The paper highlights the growth in the food industry of both the countries over the period of time. The paper also discusses the requirements and basics that the foreign companies should know and understand before entering into any market. The paper focuses that the foreign countries should among other things learn the supply chain management techniques before entering these nations for business. The paper helps in understanding the concept of FDI, the current status of FDI in Russia and the future attractions. Moreover, the paper also presents the areas to concentrate and target before entering any foreign market (Russia). The paper also emphasizes on the need of FDI for the growth and development of any country.

Deutsche Bank -- DB Research, (2012). What Drives FDI to Russian Regions? Deutsche Bank -- DB Research.

The research department of Deutsche Bank -- DB Research has conducted an overall research of the Russian economy. This report gives an analysis on the Russian market and how it is emerging over the period of time. The trends of FDI flow to Russia is discussed and analyzed in this report on the basis of the regions. The investment risk and payback on FDI is also discussed in this report. The FDI ratings and other ratings and their usefulness in making the Russian market attractive for FDI is also evaluated in this report. This report has also presented a detailed overview on the country's business attractions. The report highlights the potential areas and business sectors that are lucrative for the investors. This report helps a great deal in preparing the SWOT and FDI analysis of the country. The report also helped in highlighting the areas of interest to the foreign investors.

Diversicare. (2006). Russian Culture Profile. Queensland: Diversicare.

This is an extensive report published by Diversicare Australia. The report presents well detailed and comprehensive analysis of the Russian national culture. All the aspects of cultures are discussed and analyzed in detail. The report lays done the personal and family culture of the Russian nation. It also presents the customs, traditions and norms followed by them. The report also presents in detail the components of business culture in detail. The paper also presents the hobbies and leisure time activities of the Russian nation. The report is based on the Russian nationals based in Australia and helps in identifying the similarities between the Russians throughout the world. The report greatly helped in enumerating the components of Russian culture and understanding the link between national and business culture of a country.

Ernst & Young, (2013). Russia 2013 Shaping Russia's future. Moscow: Ernst & Young.

Ernst and Young being one of the top most business consultants have prepared a detailed report and analyzed the economic situation of the Country. This report is based on a detailed survey and analysis conducted by Ernst & Young on the future business aspects and growth perspectives of the Russian economy. Ernst and Young is famous for its business surveys and these are greatly valued by their clients. The report contains Russian economic data and future outlook. The report also includes a detailed analysis on the FDI flowing in Russia and its impact on the growth and development of Russian business. Moreover, based on the analysis the report highlights the avenues and areas for growth and development and action points / measures that need to be taken in this regard. The report was used in conducting the SWOT and FDI analysis of Russian economy on the whole.

Fey, C., & Denison, D. (2003). Organizational culture and effectiveness: can American theory be applied in Russia? Organization Science, 14(6), 686-706.

This research paper being the working paper number 598 of William Davidson Institute analyses and explains the links between the business culture and effectiveness of foreign companies operating in Russia. Thus, the paper explores how the Russian business culture affects the success of foreign companies and in turn affect the FDI. The paper concludes that flexibility in culture is more essential for Russian culture than for U.S. culture. The paper is based on the survey conducted from 179 foreign companies operated in Russia. The report also highlighted the basic difference in U.S. And Russian business environment. Where U.S. environment is table Russian environment is turbulent. The research also concluded that U.S.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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