Compassion Meets the Computer Age Research Proposal

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Compassion Meets the Computer Age

According to Roy Simpson's 2001 article from Nursing Management "Compassion meets the computer age," nurses can take heart: one of the most vital functions they perform can never be done via the computer, namely the ability to show compassion for a patient in need. The article presents a balanced perspective of the role of technology in modern nursing. On one hand, telemetry and point-of-care systems have enabled nurses to function more efficiently, and to devote their precious time to caring for patients, not to documentation or monitoring vital signs. On the other hand, computers and recording computer data can often be used as a way of avoiding real patient contact (Simpson 2001, p.14).

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During my clinical days at St. Mary's, I often witnessed this truth, given the increased amount of information that is available on patients through computer record-keeping. Quite often, nurses would have the attitude that they 'knew' the patient, simply based upon reading the patient's electronically recorded history, before meeting the patient face-to-face and taking the patient's emotional temperature. A patient with a long history of psychological illnesses like anxiety of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) would be taken less seriously when they spoke about their distress than someone with no such history, for example. Also, manifesting certain illnesses, like diabetes or lung cancer that indicated negative lifestyle choices could make nurses less compassionate towards the patient, even before they met the individual. In reaction, I tried not to let preexisting knowledge inform my judgment of the character of the individual patient, and tried to be mindful to separate the illness from the person, especially when I did not know the individual other than in terms of computer-recorded data.

Research Proposal on Compassion Meets the Computer Age Assignment

While reading this article, it struck me that there are two fundamentally different types of technology used in medicine today -- there is technology that distances the patient from the caretaker, and technology that increases the contact between the nurse… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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