Competing Creation Stories Essay

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¶ … Creation Story: Native American Version vs. European Version

How did the Native Americans view creation as compared and contrasted with how the Europeans who arrived in North America viewed creation?

This paper reviews the creation beliefs (and legends) of both cultures and makes comparisons between them.

European / Christian Creation: The King James Bible (Genesis 1) asserts that God created the heaven and earth when there was no form, there was only darkness, and water. So God spoke, saying "Let there be light: and there was light…" and when God saw the light He had just created with a few words he said the it was "good" so he split the light and darkness. He called the light "Day" and the darkness was "Night." And so the evening and the morning were the very first day of Creation.

Sioux Creation Story: The Sioux believed there was a world prior to this present world we live in. In that first world the people "did not know how to behave themselves or how to act human," the Sioux story explains. So because of that the "Creating Power" said "I will make a new world." With that the Creating Power got his pipe (Native Americans used pipes in spiritual ceremonies) and then he took four dry buffalo chips (which Indians used for lighting campfires and other fire purposes) and put three under the sticks and "saved the fourth one to light the pipe."

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Just as in the Christian creation story, in the Sioux story the Creating Power speaks, obviously to himself because there was no one else around, but he also sings. "I will sing three songs, which will bring heavy rain," he said. So in the Sioux story there is the creation of water; the Creating Power sings three songs and heavy rains fall. By singing a fourth song and stamping four times on the land, "the earth will crack wide open" and "Water will come out of the cracks and cover the land." He did sing, the rain did fall, and water "covered everything."

TOPIC: Essay on Competing Creation Stories Assignment

European / Christian Creation: There are clear watery comparisons between the Sioux version and the Christian version. In the Christian version of Creation God said let there be "firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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