Competitive Strategies Research Paper

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Competitive Strategies

Corporate cultures

This study focuses on the corporate cultures of Apple and Microsoft operating in the same industry. Apple has been able to outdo Microsoft in the market share. The important thing to do is to gain full knowledge on what can be measured or not by market capitalization. Apple Inc. defines a market capitalization as the total market value of the dollar of the outstanding shares of a company. The key terms are shares and market value in this case. These two terms directly state that we have two issues to concentrate like investment community and the stock market. Market capitalization is one of the factors used in determining the size of a company without considering the figures like product penetration, employees, total assets, and sales. Apple cannot be said to be an enigmatic or transient to the notorious technology failures of recent history. An important issue to note is to realize the perspective of neither investing in a community as neither exact science nor infallible. Ignorance should not be the response of the symbolic importance of this transformation. Microsoft should not be a mistaken idea of being defeated by Apple. Microsoft for a very long time has been in the line of producing operating systems and software to the international community. The battle is currently almost balanced. Microsoft and Apple are also equally matched (Betz, 2001).

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Apple may have cut across the heart of this generation with its culture, but that is not fast enough to make Microsoft irrelevant. Analysis from the Net Market Share depicts Windows commanding 92% of the total market share while OSX cover for 5% only. In the space of Smartphones where competition seems to be the base of the market, android and iPhone Smartphones have displaced Windows Mobile in terms of the market share. However, Research in Motion with the BlackBerry and Symbian with Nokia phones have outdone the three effortlessly. The only judgment to be clouded here is the fact that competition depicts the winner and it makes everyone excited (Beyazitoglu, 2010).

TOPIC: Research Paper on Competitive Strategies Assignment

Ways that each unique culture has benefited from the other's competition iTunes was a media player introduce by Apple Inc. In October of the same of iTunes's introduction, they launched the first model of the iPod. This gadget allowed people to move with music as they wish. The firm also vested much of their time developing programs for video and photo editing like iPhoto, iVideo and iChat (a program for messaging). The company decided to try the cell phone industry and introduced the first ever iPhone (Hill, & Jones, 2010).

In the entire history of these two companies, the most dynamic factor of the competitive force design (using Porter's five forces) is the danger of substitute products and services. This threat varies as if there are available substitute products and services it becomes high and low if the products and services substitute are few. These two companies are accountable for developing various software programs. Some may think that Microsoft is very popular for its line of systems for operation. Revolutionizing the industry is not the sole reason as to why Windows enjoyed its major success. Microsoft would cease… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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