Complementary and Alternative Medicine Term Paper

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Natural products involve the use of various herbal medicines that are purchased as dietary supplements whereas mind and body medicine focus on the interactions within the brain, body, mind, and behavior in order to influence physical functioning and promote health. Manipulative and body-based practices are primarily based on body systems and structures while movement therapies are approaches used to promote physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. Alternative medical systems or therapies are developed based on complete theoretical systems and practice.

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One of the major treatment modalities that can be used as a complementary therapy, an alternative therapy, and an integrative therapy for sleeping disorders is alternative therapy. Alternative medical systems are based on complete systems of theory and practice that have evolved earlier than the traditional medical approach in the United States. As complementary therapy, alternative medical systems can be used to treat sleeping disorder through herbal treatments. This treatment procedure involves using herbs as effective sleeping remedies to help in dealing with the condition. For example, valerian is a herb that can be used to deal with the condition at the onset of sleep and with sleep maintenance (Ratini, 2012). As an alternative therapy, this modality can help in treatment of sleeping disorders through promoting regular exercise. Regular exercise not only deepens sleep in young adults but also enhances sleep in older people. An example of the use of regular exercise as a substitute to conventional medicine when dealing with sleep disorders is low-to-moderate tai chi or Tibetan yoga exercises. As integrative therapy, alternative medical systems for sleep disorders involve using melatonin and relaxation and meditation for sleep disorders. Melatonin has proven to be an effective treatment for lessening sleep disturbances while regular relaxation and meditation leads to higher blood levels of melatonin, which is a significant regulator of sleep. An example of this procedure involves using melatonin supplements and several relaxation and meditation techniques like yoga sessions.


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